Aug 14, 2012

Two Words-Shoe Storage…

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Image courtesy of Lucky Magazine

There are oodles of ways to store our beloved shoes:box -um, stack -um,pack- um or display them..

Here are just a few  suggestions to keep your heels happily harbored.

Tamara Mellon  (co-founder of Jimmy Choo)

“Sitting pretty” with her shoes


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Jan 3, 2012

Closet Resolutions!

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Good Morning Glamour Girl  The beginning of another glamorous year  is here.There is nothing like having a clean slate to get you inspired to  be your best. Top of the list of improvements  for most fashionistas is the desire to finally have a closet that is organized or at the very least one in which you can FIND what your looking for in a reasonable amount of time.

If you read GTGG on any type of regular basis you know that I have written more than a few articles on mastering the task of closet organization and the benefits of getting dressed in the time it takes to brew your morning Cup of Joe. At the risk of repeating myself ..might I suggest you just click onto the Closet Organization category on the upper left hand column of this homepage and find a step by step process to get your closet in tip top shape for the year ahead. By following these simple guidelines you will have a closet that is neat,clean and actually works for you!

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Oct 12, 2011

Time to Flip for Fall.

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Here we mid-October. Can you just believe it??? If you haven’t had time yet to” Flip your Closet for Fall” you best get going before we are knee deep in Winter.

Here’s a quick list that might help move you  toward a more do-able Fall closet (translation) it’s time to put the sundresses to rest for the year and focus on what you’ll be wearing in the colder months ahead. If you’re experiencing any type of Indian Summer and think you have gobs of time to delay your flip…(Faster than you can scrap the first frost off your car window) -you’ll be looking through your closet for that perfect pair of wool pants that you just can’t seem to find.

Motto of the day: Don’t Delay, start your Fall Flip TODAY!  

1. When starting to flip your closet for Fall, (even if you have a rather small space to hang your clothing) here’s what you need to do first.

TIP:*** I highly recommend breaking your closet flip into small do-able tasks… (perhaps an hour each night after work). By the weekend you’ll be just about done and ready to enjoy a relaxing 2 day respite from the daily grind.

First Evening: Make three piles: First Pile DONATE: Go through your closet and see if there are any items you haven’t worn all summer (or the summer before). BE HONEST and remove these items NOW.  Also remove any items that no longer fit or make you feel fabulous. Second Pile: Put aside all items that need to go to the cleaners. Pile number three Remove any items that need repair. (Bag items/put them in your car and drop them off the next day or before weeks end). This will feel so good to get done-I promise…it’s like a Cleanse …only better because you have no icky green liquid after taste.  

Second Evening: Neatly fold any summer sweaters, t-shirts, swimwear/summer wraps and cover ups and /or any other items that will stretch.  Place in drawers or a clean storage container and set aside.

Third Evening: Box up shoes/sandals/summer sneakers and purses. Put in drawers or clean storage containers and set aside.

Fourth Evening: Take any and all summer skirts/pants/capri’s/sundresses/evening wear/long dresses (you get the picture) anything else that is Summer Apparel Only and move to your storage closet). If you don’t have a storage closet and need to keep them in the same closet-move each category to the end of each section.

Fifth Evening: (Can be done during the weekend so that you have Friday Night free) Move all winter apparel into your closet by category and length. For example: Insert blazers/jackets/blouses/skirts/folded pants on hangers. If you hang your pants full length then add them before your dresses and then formals. Always organize short to long and within each category light to dark. It will save you oodles of time when you’re getting dressed.

*Insert winter handbags light to dark on shelves, sweaters, leggings and of course shoes/boots in clear boxes or on shelves.

Five Hours and your Fall Flip will be done!


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Jan 17, 2011

Closet Clean-Up..The Finale!

Posted By: Terri
Category: Closet Organization

Here we are already: The Finale of our Closet Clean-Up Caper. If you follow Go To Glamour Girl, you know that on my posts of 1/10 and 1/11/ 2011,  I answered the Glamour Girl request to give you a step by step process to un-clutter your closet  this year. If you missed the first two posts just scroll back or click onto the closet organization tab on the left hand column of my homepage. I truly hope this Closet Clean Up will bring you the joy and happiness you so deserve from a clean and organized (not to me glamour filled) closet.  


Last week we started the Closet Clean Up with the simple task of purchasing storage boxes for our shoes and perhaps even for your sweaters. If you do have room to store shoes on shelves then you were able to skip step one...

 Step 2 (1/11/2011) was to Sort clothing into one of three piles.

  1. Reuse/Keep: Items that are ready to wear now.
  2. Rework: Items that need repair or restyling 
  3. Recycle: Items that have “had their day.” Donate.

 Now that you have an empty closet,it’s time to put things back in their proper place….


Hang like items with like.

  • (Dresses/Pants/Skirts/Blouses/ Jackets)
  • Within each category arrange light to dark

Arrange your clothes as if you’re going to “shop your closet.” 

Organize within category light to dark...

Orgainze within category going from light to dark....


Short on Closet space: Fold whatever you can from light to dark within category. (Sweater/t-shirts/jeans etc. you get the idea..)

Don't forget to organize your jewelry/handbags and lingere) Trust me this is going to save you oodles of time in the long run!


It doesn't matter if your closet space is big or small.. The whole point of the matter is that your closet should bring you a sense of happiness and calm when you enter.


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Jan 11, 2011

Sorting it OUT!!!!

Posted By: Terri
Category: Closet Organization


Day 2 of the Great Closet Clean-Up! We are moving to the SORTING DIVISION of all things that are Closet Worthy. This  will start with sorting items that are  folded (t-shirts…sweaters…workout wear…jeans…and move onto all items on hangers…jackets…skirts…pants…dresses… coats). Please I am begging you-if in the midst of the hanger division you come across a wire hanger-please remove ASAP from the closet confines and replace with the updated velvet or wood hanger…

At this point you are probably scratching your head with the thought of Yes….I am sorting…But into what piles?

There will be three piles:

KEEP: (self explanatory don’t you think…)

REUSE:  (Items that need repair or some type of updating i.e.-replace a button, shorten or lengthen a skirt, hem pants…etc..etc.. etc.)

RECYCLE: (A really nice way of saying “get rid of” but in the most earth friendly way possible) If the clothing is in great shape but a) is  out of style  b) out of your size range or c) you were just out of your mind when you bought it- it’s time to let go. Consider donating to a worthy women’s organization, giving it to a friend or selling it on eBay…

***After you  finish sorting through all your clothing please continue on with the process and go through your accessories,belts, purses, jewelry, scarves and lingerie…

Upon completing the items above : fold or hang  items in “like categories” from light to dark for example: fold all sweaters together and then organize light to dark. Continue with t-shirts. Workout wear etc.

Trust me this is so going to be worth it!!!! I am giving you until the weekend before we proceed to step 3…



Say it with me: “No MORE wire hangers.. “

Keep your Closet Goal in Site!

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Jan 10, 2011

A Clear Solution for Shoe Storage!

Posted By: Terri
Category: Closet Organization

 Did you vow to Clean out your Closet this year?

Well dear Glamour Girl I am here to help you with a step by step easy peezy process. First and foremost our goal is to have a closet that we can FIND everything and make it a snap to get dressed. When the occasion presents itself and we have to be up and out the door in a matter of minutes… the well organized closet will absolutely be your BFF for getting Glamour worthy faster than you can say “stiletto.” Since I am mindful that in most cases you will not attempt this massive overhaul in a day I thought best to start from the ground up… (we are talking footwear). Shoes, boots, sandals,high heels, kitten heels …you get the point. We have to have order when it comes to our beloved shoes… not only because they represent approximately 70% of your salary but as you know the shoe will always fit! (Doesn’t matter if you’re retaining water weight, feeling a little sluggish or struggling to get rid of the last bits of “holiday happy” you consumed) – A great pair of shoes can always make a look.

So here we are step Numero uno: Go and purchase CLEAR shoe containers. They are the number one best item to store your shoes  and they are available at  all different price points. If you want a clear shoe box for  $1.00 a piece -check out the dollar store…If you have a bit more $$$ to plop down, go to any number of container stores/ shoe emporiums or GOOGLE clear shoe box and you will have a bevy of products to peruse.

* Addendum-If you  have a  built in shoe rack(s)  omit  clear shoe box alternative unless you own so many pairs that you don’t have enough rack space and must store seasonal shoes……


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Jan 8, 2010

Closet Caper!

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Category: Closet Organization

A.h.h.h.h you’re Closet.  The one place in your home to store all the things that you love to wear.  Now there are some of us, that a closet isn’t “just a closet” but rather an entire wing of a house aka Mariah Carey’s “Shoe Wing.” (Pictured below- you could house a family of 5 in there but I digress)….

A closet can speak volumes about you.   Is your style trendy, conservative, boho chic?  Do you.have a penchant for purses, or a small growing addiction to 5 inch heels. Are you designer label, vintage shopper, thrift store savant or project runway hopeful?Can you find what you need at a moment’s notice or is it like weeding through the” jungle of blouses” reminiscent of a Filenes’s Basement Clearance sale.

So why am I going on and on about your closet? Well dear glamour girl it’s because it’s already the 7thday of the year and I think it is high time that we took down all the holiday décor and stored them neatly away.  While were at it why not think of CLEANING OUT “YOUR CLOSET.”

I’m just here to give you a teensy weensy little nudge to rid yourself of that skirt you haven’t worn since 1997, and perhaps reconsider holding onto that Disco blouse from the 80’s to make way for some new and wonderful items.. As an added bonus I am breaking it down for you and thought by posting these closet clips you might be inspired…

Closet Clean Up! (An Easy Step by Step Plan)

1. Sort all your clothes into 3 piles. Keep/Repair/ Recycle.

*Recycle-means “letting go” and donating these items  to charity.

2. Edit your closet! Try on everything and see if  it still looks fabulous. It sometimes helps to enlist a friend that you trust to help in giving a second opinion.

3. Get all items repaired that need to be.

4. Use all one type of hanger.  The new velour thin hangers are great.    Don’t even think of using wire hangers or I will send a tape of Joan Crawford saying: “No more wire hangers” to your voicemail. (and that won’t be pretty)…

5. Fold your sweaters, and if you’re short on room your t-shirts and workout wear….

6.  Keep all your clothes in line, going in the same direction with a small space between hangers.

7. Make sure everything in your closet is clean, pressed and ready to go -so you will be too!

***In most cases this is a weekend project… so give yourself enough time….

Carrie Bradshaw’s Closet

Paris Hilton’s Closet
Eva Longoria’s Closet (Image courtesy of InStyle)

Mariah's Shoe Closet (photo courtesy of InStyle)

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