Feb 14, 2019

Naheem Khan Fall 2019

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New York Fashion Week (Fall 2019) just wrapped and one of my favorite collections was presented by Naheem Khan.

The collection for Fall 2019 was filled with sparkle and beautiful details. Here’s a sneak peak courtesy of Vogue.com.


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Feb 8, 2019

Bring on the Bling

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Category: Fashion tips

Happy Friday, Glamour Girl. There’s been something on my mind lately and it is style related hence- I feel compelled to share it with you. Am I alone on this one or do you agree that we all need a little bit of bling in your day? Lately, I’ve noticed a major gravitational pull toward the perusing of sparkly items. Glitter is always on my radar but as of this week it seems stronger than ever. I can’t quite explain it and yet I sit here pondering the following: could this unceasing penchant for sparkle be caused by: 1) the holidays being O.V.E.R. and longing for something festive 2.) the dark days of Winter with gloomy days abounding are starting to wear on us and we need a bit of sun SHINE in our day or 3.) we just like something sparkly and pretty? How about: All of the above! In keeping with my quest of putting a little bit of bling back in your day and not suggesting you go over the top and look like you’re ready to wear so much glitter that you could bring in an oncoming plane, might I recommend a major “on- trend” item that is spotted everywhere as of late..the rhinestone belt. Now this is NOT the rhinestone cowboy belt of days gone bye but instead a really chic and sleek belt that you can wear with, skirts, pants, everyday dresses and jeans. Yes, you heard me JEANS. In fact,jeans are my number one preference in putting a little bling back into your wardrobe rotation.

Image Courtesy of www.whowhatwear.com
Rhinestones Belts Updated….
Farah Rhinestone Belt by Free Peopele $158.00
Farah Rhinestone Belt by Free People $158.00
Express Crystal Gem Belt $59.90
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Feb 4, 2019

Paging….Diana Frey

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Category: Designer Spotlight

Paging… Diana Frey. Diana are you there?

Hello Glamour Girls. If you visit this blog on any sort of continuous basis you know I have a major penchant for sharing some pretty things especially when they have a bit of bling. I mean, what would life be without a little (or a lot of SPARKLE). Answer…not nearly as pretty! And Glamour Girl we are ALL about THE PRETTY!

Recently, I shared on my personal Facebook page a photo featuring the most beautiful heart frame boxes designed by mixed media jewelry artist extraordinaire- Diana Frey. Try as I may to “pin” her down to purchase said item(s) listed on Flickr and advertised on Pinterest,, I came to a total standstill. Not to be detoured from my intention to find Ms. Frey, I sourced her via Flickr (where I emailed her to get info) her Etsy shop (which has been down as she is taking “a short break”) and her Facebook page which I cannot seem to locate with numerous listing for Diana Frey, NONE of which seem to be the wonderful artist in demand. In an effort to not be reported as an internet crazy person/stalker …I will wait the recommended 3 day grace period and reach out again via Etsy which still lists an email address. Fingers crossed that maybe just maybe we will make contact.

In the meantime,I’ve posted a sampling of her designs. One look and I think you’ll agree her designs are beautiful and oh so sparkly. If you’re out there Diana Frey we must find you and your jewelry.

Paging…Diana Frey.

All Images Courtesy of Diana Frey https://www.flickr.com/photos/queenofheartsart/with/5538141755/

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Jan 31, 2019

Dior & More

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If you’re looking for a really good reason to get out of town and want some major fashion pablum to boot I suggest you book your next flight for… London. (Trust me on this one. I promise, you won’t be disappointed.

London’s Victoria & Albert Museum (V&A) is presenting one of the most spectacular fashion exhibits ever. Not since Alexander McQueens “Savage Beauty” exhibit has there been this amount of excitement for a collection at V &A. Their latest offering on display is titled “ Christian Dior “Designer of Dreams.” It’s a breathtaking view of the brands stylish history from it’s inception in 1947 to present day . This exhibit is on display and open to the public from February 2 to July 14, 2019 and features over 500 pieces (including 200 couture gowns)!

A must see sensation. Between you and I,they had me at Dior! For more information about this exhibit check out the complete 411 at Harper’s Bazzar.com

The pièce de résistance of the captivating collection is a gown Princess Margaret, sister of Queen Elizabeth II, sported on her 21st birthday. According to The Standard, the dress is on loan to the V&A by the Museum of London
THE Iconic Bar Suit

All Images Courtesy of Getty Images

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Jan 29, 2019

Think Pink

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Category: Fashion

You’re going to be seeing a lot of pink for spring. The trend is already spotted on the Red Carpet starting with last weekends SAG Awards and believe you me it will be popping up in the months ahead.

Pink- comes in a bevy of beautiful hues for Spring 2019- pink, blush, rose, and this year Pantone (the color experts introduce “Sweet Lilac” which I believe is vibrant pink. Whatever you want to call this color and in whatever hue you choose to wear it-pink is so pretty!

So remember, as you’re schlepping through the snow in the cold days of Winter, just think in just a few short months you may literally be “in the pink,.” and everything will be looking a lot more rosy!

Yara Shahidi in Fendi courtesy of POPSUGAR.com
Pretty in Pink at Brandon Maxwell Spring 2019

Pantone Color Swatch-they call it Sweet Lilac- translation: a fancy fashion term for PINK
Seriously….Sweet Lilac-It’s PINK.
Pink at Chanel Spring 2019-If it’s Chanel it must be in Season.
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Jan 16, 2019


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Category: Fashion

Today is National Hat Day!

Hat by Balenciaga circa 1954 Photographed by Henry Clark

Hats in their heyday (circa 1950’s & 60’s),were a MAJOR fashion accessory that completed a women’s look and were selected with the greatest of care…

Unlike, hats of today that are tossed atop your head without much thought (and in many cases chosen to cover up a bad hair day or shield one from the harsh elements-(rain, snow, sleet or bright sunlight),the hats of years gone by were statement pieces that were full on glamour .

Oh, I wish that the hats of yesterday would come back. It would give us all a chance to upgrade our look and really make hats..hat-tas-tic once again.

Happy National Hat Day! Here’s to bringing back the hat …in all it’s glamorous glory!.

Dior 1956
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Jan 14, 2019

Booting UP!

Posted By: Terri

Sale alert… If you’re looking to update your winter wardrobe but don’t want to break the bank (because let’s face it you’re still paying off Christmas) I have the perfect wardrobe pick me up…booties.

You can update your wardrobe and amp up your style (a notch or 12) with a pair of well fitting stylish booties. The good news: booties are on sale at very discounted prices at your nearest Macy’s.. You can find deeeep discounts( up to 75% off) on a bevy of beautiful booties in store or online. But don’t wait to long to peruse and pick because at these discounted prices the selection is bound to dwindle faster than a snowfall.

Here are a few stylish suggestion with perfect picks from Macy’s listed below.

Note to self: You can never have enough black boots.Period end of story. Time to stock up!

Faux is always a good way to go
Animal prints are a neutral aka they go with everything!

Sale items from Macy’s (here are some of my favorites) Most with an extra 30% off. In store and Macy’s .com https://www.macys.com/shop/featured/womens-booties

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Dec 26, 2018

Classy Comfort Dressing

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Category: Fashion

Looking for a little comfort dressing on the day AFTER Christmas? If you’re like any other mortal you may have eaten just a little too much on Christmas day and you’re not exactly at your goal weight the morning after. No Glamour Girl wants anyone to know that perhaps you dipped into the dessert platter just a few times too many-so here are a few stylish solutions found in one wonderful wardrobe items to get you through the day in comfort and style. Enter..tah dah dah dah…the DUSTER. It is the number one wardrobe staple that you can wear over anything. Yep, we’re talking pants, jeans, skirts, dresses-I think you get the picture -a high fashion camouflage that allows you to hide a few unwanted bumps but still look sleek.

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Nov 1, 2018

SOS-Season of Sparkle

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Category: Fashion

Dolce & Gabbana

Halloween is O.V.E.R.   Soooo.you know what that means..it’s officially “The Season Of SPARKLE” aka the holiday season is ON! I am so NOT jumping the gun on this one because quite frankly Christmas Decor has been UP in retail shops for over two months. Which means…. that if we’re crunching the numbers  -I’m wayyyyyy behind- by like 60 days. That being said, I will ease you into the SOS (Season of Sparkle ) slowly.

To get things going why not start with a bit of “embellishment”


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Oct 29, 2018

Monochromatic Monday

Posted By: Terri
Category: Fashion

If you want to look pulled together,super chic and maybe  even appear like you’ve lost 5-10 pounds over the weekend it’s as easy (and I do mean EASY) as wearing one color palette from head to toe. Faster than you can brew your morning  cup of espresso-you can pull together a  monochromatic look that  makes you feel marvelous! (And I ask…who doesn’t want that especially- on a Monday?!

Truth be told, I will admit to opting out and wearing basic black head to toe (but that’s wayyy to easy) and lately I’m feeling a need  for a little more color in our lives. The good news… is that you can achieve the same stylish and sleek appearance by mixing different textures in the same color palette.

I’ve shared a few colorful options just to get you inspired. Here’s to having a fabuuulous  Monochromatic Monday.

Image Source via Malene Birger


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