Aug 13, 2018

McQueen-The Documentary

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McQueen…. the movie is a quick yet intimate “behind the scenes documentary” about this uber private and immensely talented yet possibly tortured soul of the late designer we came to know as Alexander(Lee) McQueen.

If you’re looking for a movie/documentary that’s heavy on fashion and provides a story line that is both happy and tragic-I have just the flick for you. McQueen- a documentary that explores the life of British fashion designer Alexander McQueen, who started his career in his teens before gaining notice as designer for Givenchy and launching his own label, which continues to this day. He took his own life in 2010 at the age of 40.

The film has a brief viewing time of 111 minutes and includes intimate footage of his early years growing up in London’s east end, family life complete with touching commentary by his beloved Mother, his first foray into the design world as a Bespoke tailor on Savile Row (where he learned those extraordinary tailoring skills-which became synonymous with the McQueen label) and in a riveting story line provides the viewer with all the twists and turns of his ultimate discovery,extraordinary career success and personal demise that ended in his suicide in 2010.

I was entranced by this film,the fashion,the cast of characters he was surrounded by and the steady rise and heartbreaking demise of this creative genius known as Alexander McQueen.

Images courtesy of vogue uk/pinterest and Savage Beauty Exhibit 2015

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Aug 11, 2018

Kick up your Heels

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Because….sometimes a girl  just has got to kick up her heels

Image Source Unknown/Pinterest

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Aug 9, 2018

White Pant Rules

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Category: Fashion tips

Image Courtesy of Harpers Bazzar Circa 1968

Just about every Glamour Girl knows that wearing head -to- toe basic black can make you “appear” slimmer and taller-hence the reason why we have oodles of black in our closets.

But ….it’s still summer and before we break out all that black for fall there’s still time to wear white- as in your basic white pant because not for noth’n they go with EVERYTHING! That’s the good news. The not so good news is that white pants can make you appear heavier IF you don’t abide by a few simple tried and true style rules:

Numero Uno! #1. Fit is KEY. Make sure your white pants fit you PERFECTLY. There should be no signs of pulling/stretching (aka thigh lines going horizontally) or gaping. Both issues only accentuate one’s figure flaws and I don’t think THAT’s the look that anyone is going for. Bear in mind that nobody and I do mean No BODY has a perfect figure so don’t be hard on yourself. Get a pair of white pants/jeans that fit you in the hips and thighs and if need be have the waist tailored to fit.

2.White has no filter! If you choose to wear white anything-it must be lined or made in a fabrication dense enough to not see -through. No one needs to see your pocket or pantie lines.

3.White can go from chic to shabby in a matter of seconds if you have a spot, splatter or sweat stains on your garment. Proper cleaning and maintenance is key when it comes to wearing white and looking right.

Image Courtesy of

For additional  GTGG posts on wearing white check out:

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Jul 23, 2018

Drawer Detail….

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Category: Fashion tips

I was helping a friend organize her wardrobe today and after we finished the closet portion of the style reboot we went into the “dreaded drawers.” She alerted me ahead of time that they were an absolute disaster-translation “a mess” BUT that has never stopped me from going in and getting things in proper order. I love a challenge and in most cases all you need do is follow a few simple steps and your drawers can be delightfully organized and detailed in no time.

Here are a few quick tips to getting your drawer detail done pronto:

  1. Start by taking EVERYTHING out of your drawers-yes..I do mean everything.
  2. Once everything is out of the drawers- start sorting what you do and  don’t wear. *Rule of thumb- if the item doesn’t look good, doesn’t fit, is damaged or you’ve never worn it( tell tale tags still hanging) -it’s time to discard,donate or give to someone that you know might use it.
  3. Next -fold items neatly into categories: Jeans, Shorts, workout wear,tee shirts, sweaters ,scarves-(I think you get the picture) etc.
  4. Now that all items are folded and into categories, place back into your  drawers with items you use most toward the top of your dresser.

Image Courtesy of Instagram Raysanicaci

Image courtesy of The Glamorous Closet

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Jul 12, 2018

Style Swoon

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I must confess I am obsessed with designer Johanna Ortiz. Ortiz is a designer of Colombian decent and her designs are ultra feminine and soooo beautiful.

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Jul 2, 2018

Spot on…… Polka Dots

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Category: Fashion

Image Courtesy of A girl and her Pearls Tumblr

Image Source Unknown

Image Courtesy of Swimwear 60


Image Courtesy of Albert Pinto

Image Courtesy of Southern Charm Tumblr

Image Courtesy of Garnet Hill

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Jun 30, 2018

Throwing Shade

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Category: Fashion

There’s nothing like a wide brim hat to help mitigate sun damage. Here are a few options that I think will throw some MAJOR shade.  Sooooo pretty!

Image Source Unknown

Image Courtesy of Amy believes in Pink

Image Source

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Jun 15, 2018

Flashback Friday

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Category: Fashion

A little throwback to the days when swimsuit adds were sooo glamorous. Courtesy of Jantzen.

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Jun 13, 2018

Going Gingham

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Category: Fashion

Image courtesy of Dresslily/Pinterest

Gingham is such a happy print. I’ve noticed lately that there seems to be a whole lot of fashion featured in this lovely print for Summer 2018. Gingham options  are abounding and if you want to put a little skip in your step why not add a pop of this happy print to your wardrobe this Summer.

Image Source Miu Miu Pumps

Image Source Pinterest/Unknown

Image Courtesy of Atlantic Pacific

Image Courtesy of J


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Jun 5, 2018

RIP Kate Spade

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Category: Fashion

I was in my car leaving a meeting when a friend texted me  just two words today:

Kate Spade.

I texted back:

Kate Spade ?

The next texted shocked me to the core…


I could not believe what I was seeing. I quickly scrolled the news feed on my phone and read in disbelief that Kate Spade had taken her life earlier this morning in her Park Avenue apartment. Like many of you I am saddened to the core that we have lost such a lovely, effervescent, and amazing designer. Kate Spade,the person, the brand,the collections… were infused with whimsy and a major dose of happiness.  Earlier today Elizabeth Kiester ( a dear friend and former co worker described her to a perfection saying to

” She was human champagne, bubbly and effervescent, making everything bright and sparkly and funny and fun.”

Image courtesy of Zest

Image Courtesy of Dreamprintdesigns.

How sad  we all are to lose such a lovely and remarkable woman.

Our deepest sympathies to her family.

RIP Dearest Kate Spade

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