Feb 21, 2018

Tuesday Tip

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Feb 19, 2018

Pretty Ballerinas

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Whenever I come across a site that provides some pretty fabulous style solutions to my readers I feel compelled to share it with you ASAP. It was bound to happen that I would come across the site Pretty Ballerinas sooner than later, considering one of my favorite style icons Olivia Palermo,endorses the brand. The site has a beautiful selection of ballerina flats available in round and pointed toe options in addition to a bevy of other shoe styles,handbags and accessories. Here’s a quick glimpse that I’m sure you will LOVE…for more options click on image provided.

Olivia Palermo endorses Pretty Ballerinas and their beautiful handbags.

All images courtesy of Pretty Ballerinas Facebook Page

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Feb 16, 2018

Spring Cravings..Think Pink

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Happy Friday! Here we are mid February and if you’re anything like me you’re craving some serious Spring fashion. Forget that NYFW (New York Fashion Week) just wrapped Fall 2018, Valentine’s Day and all that RED is behind us and we’re still in Winter mode…it’s time to start thinking SPRING and with that some lighter and more vibrant clothing choices ahead.  To get you in the mood for warmer weather (not that  THAT should be difficult) I thought you might enjoy a little  Spring Style Inspo  in pretty pink tones …courtesy of Nordstrom.com

J. Crew One Shoulder Ruffle Dress $168.00

Leith Gillis Stretch Bootie $99.95

Faux Leather Long Trench Coat $178.00 Sale $129.90

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Feb 9, 2018


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Image Courtesy of Everypost.me

Happy Friday. In case you missed it TODAY IS NATIONAL PIZZA DAY!

mage Source/Pinterest Original source Unknown

Need a fashion fix?There’s no need to leave the comfort of your couch to see the latest doing’s at New York Fashion Week. You can view all the recent runway shows at Vogue.com  Lovvving!

Vogue.com Click on pic to go directly to site.

Why not get schedule some cardio with the girls !

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Feb 7, 2018

Love @Kate Spade

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Olidah heels $228.00 Click on pic to go directly to item

Kate Spade has always designed with a touch of whimsy and her latest offerings (just in time for Valentine’s Day) are no exception. Kate’s heart inspired items are offered at a bevy of price points and are  sooo darn cute. Enjoy.


Yours Truly Adalyn $88.00

iphone X Case $45.00

Yours Truly Pave Heart Linear Earrings$68.00

Yours Truly Pave Heart Ring $68.00

Yours Truly Mailbox Bag $378.00

All images courtesy of Kate Spade.com



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Feb 5, 2018

Pop of Print

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Monday! The start of another week which technically should be a realllly good thing but somehow we seem to all need a little extra push after the weekend. Now to acquire this much needed pep in your step  and not just for fun  but fashion’s sake why not add a pop of animal print and see if that doesn’t do the trick. For my money there is nothing and I do mean nothing that I love more than adding a little animal print to one’s abode or attire. It can be something small-think throw pillow, book cover or if you’re talking attire an animal print scarf,handbag or belt. For those not so shy-have at it and go full out  by covering your stairs with lovely  animal print  or perhaps wear a coat or dress with this lovely motif. The only style rule to remember is to wear only one animal print at a time and please always go faux!


Image courtesy of Domainehome .com

Image source unavailable

Image courtesy of Elements of Style.


Image Courtesy of Zsa Zsa Bellagio

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Feb 1, 2018

Craving Classic Beauty

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Category: Fashion

Happy February! We’ve made it through the first month of the year. January always provides a fresh start to a brand New Year, complete with resolutions, a renewed attitude of hope and commitment for the coming year  and if that wasn’t enough to look forward to there’s always the Winter clearance sales.  All good right?!

Now,enter February. If you’re anything like me February is also a landmark  for craving warmer weather. Let’s face it, after the holidays  Spring cannot come fast enough. That being said, we also seem to have a penchant for a bevy of beautiful spring attire which in the world of fashion is referred to as Resort  (characteristically rolled out in January)  and just in time to quell your Spring cravings in the middle of Winter. One of my very favorite Resort collections is from Oscar de la Renta. Here’s a quick recap for you to enjoy!

Click on image to go directly to site: OscardelaRenta.com

All images courtesy of Oscar de la Renta Facebook page
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Jan 31, 2018

The Black Opaque..Slimming & Stylish

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Category: Fashion tips

Here’s a little style tip to consider when dressing for Winter and wanting to look stylish.  Winter dressing  usually means multiple layers which is anything but figure flattering but in an effort to keep warm and look as svelte as possible might I suggest pairing a dark pair of opaques with a dark heel and by dark I usually mean BLACK. Nothing is going to elongate the leg, and give the appearance of looking slimmer than the above mentioned pairing. Doesn’t matter if  you opt for a pair of low heals, a knee length or over the knee boot or even ankle booties this combo will not only keep you warm but you will look 10 pounds thinner and that’s without giving up your triple espresso foam on top latte. Happy pairing!

Image Courtesy of Facebook Page Amazing Outfits

Image Courtesy of Her Canvas.com

Image Source Unknown

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Jan 28, 2018

Monday’s Moment of Chanel

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Category: Fashion

I was having a MOMENT….(of Chanel). I never ever tire of Chanel.   EVER!

Image Courtesy of They All Hate Us

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Jan 24, 2018

Faux to Go!

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I’m a HUGE lover of faux fur. Faux is so fun,looks fabulous and if you play your cards right looks just as good if not better than the really thing except nobody (and I do mean all animals) gets hurt which is the number 1 reason for going Faux in the first place.

If you happen to be a little bored with your “everyday winter coat” usually made from wool or cashmere   and are looking to jazz up the winter outwear section of your closet, how about going for a fun faux jacket or coat? Let’s face it after January the Winter does seem to linger and we have got to have something to keep the pep in our step during the cold and dreary months of February and March.

A good faux not only keeps you warm (faux fur is a very dense fabrication and insulates your body heat from escaping-hence keeping you warm ),but it comes in a bevy of style and color options. In addition, since we are heading into Spring in stores many faux coats are on SALE! Our favorite four letter word. Maybe it’s time for you to Go Faux.

Leith Fert Fect Jacket
Nordstrom $89.00

Faux Reversible by Via Spiga
Org. $180/Sale $119.90

Kendall & Kylie Curly Faux $475/Price Matched $297.00 Nordstrom

Now should you prefer just a touch of faux ..

Tweed Coat with Faux FUr Collar
Zara $199.00

Faux Fur Belted Topshop from Nordstrom $170.00

Click on image to go directly to item

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