May 18, 2011

Save me a Seat.

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Don’t you just hate it when you find something on the web and before you can click the BUY Button, said item is …SOLD OUT! Whah.h.h.h.t happened! It was there just a minute ago. Is the internet toying with me???

I know that every Glamour Girl has experienced this shopping scenario.  The perfect purchase plucked out from underneath us…only to leave us wishing and wanting for the RESTOCK button to appear in a day or two.

This was the case when I found these FABU chairs on the Mondani website. They would have been the perfect addition to the Glamour Girl office. What’s more… they were on SALE!!! Ta-dah-dah-dah!! I thought it was a favor from the fashion God’s! But, it was not to be. The chairs were sold out faster than I could say “send it!”

The Glamour Girl lesson for today was: When shopping online: Never Sit on a Sale item. Push the purchase button and hit send before the item is sold out!

Better luck next time….



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May 11, 2011

Where Have all the Supermodels Gone?

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Remember … back in the day when you couldn’t escape from seeing one image after another of the top Supermodels of the season. Cindy, Naomi, Linda, Christy…their faces were plastered in every single fashion and cosmetic ad. They were the “it girls” shown on magazine covers, music videos, product endorsements, couture shows-they owned it! Literally. No one but no one could burst that supermodel stronghold on the advertisers. They stated their fee and wouldn’t think (do some of them really think??) of getting out of bed for under $10,000.00 a day-aka Linda Evangelista….Well, Glamour Girl – those days are over.

I was flipping through the pages of my latest fashion magazine when I couldn’t help but notice that just about every single cosmetic and fragrance ad featured a celebrity. Famous or otherwise (i.e. the “reality stars” of late) have become models-some more “super” than others. Covergirl cosmetics currently employs a bevy of four name beauties: Drew Barrymore, Queen Latifa, Taylor Swift and Ellen DeGeneres. Lancôme has Kate Winslet and Julia Roberts. Chanel has Keira Knightley. Badgley Mishka booked Demi’s daughter Rumor, for their latest campaign. It’s one celebrity after another, posing for the biggest names in the beauty biz. If this keeps going- supermodels may become extinct or at the very least may have to  “Work for food.” Now wouldn’t that be SUPER!

Natalie Portman for Miss.Dior

Kate Winslet for Lancome

Rumor Willis for Badgley Mischka


Keira Knightley for Coco

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Jan 14, 2011

Victoria’s Motivational Secret!

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I came home late last night after a long week of travel to find in my mailbox…The Victoria’s Secret Swimsuit Catalog.  That sweet Victoria is such a giver….always motivating us to “be and do” better than before.  Why else  would she think to send out the swimsuit catalog a mere 3 weeks after Christmas with all our holiday happiness still lingering somewhere between our waist and upper thighs not to mention it’s like 10 degrees with record snowfall in 90 per cent of the country. But alas Victoria is sending us love and best wishes  along with  several  swimsuit selections for those warm summer days ahead. are ever so thoughtful!

P.S. In the meantime I have seemed to uncover Victoria’s workout regime- It’s all about the Push up…. (As in bra).

VS Push up Halter Tankini $48.00
VS Push Up Paisley Halter Top
VS Push Up Bandeau Top $38.00

VS Carmen Marc Valvo Retro One Pc. $167.00

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Sep 17, 2010

Better with Bling!

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Everything looks better with some bling! Happy Friday!

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Sep 15, 2010

Fashion BFF’s?

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Well…well…well…isn’t this interesting? If you read GTGG with any sort of frequency, you know that  I have been pondering the possibility of SJP and Anna Wintour as BFF’s. for quite sometime. In previous posts I  noted numerous observations that would confirm this suspicion…

 Let’s review shall we.

Clue #1: SJP has been featured numerous times on the COVER of Vogue.

Clue. #2: Along with the noted “High Cover Count”-each issue went on to feature a written and beautiful depicted editorial homage to Ms. Parker.

Clue 3: SJP and Anna Wintour have been sited at numerous events-sitting next to each other conversing, exchanging pleasantries and/or in deep conversation.


I am definitely watching and keeping count. 

SJP & Anna Wintour ar rhe Narcisco Rodriquez Spring 2011 Show.
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Aug 12, 2010

Cat Nap!

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Courtesy of the
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Apr 21, 2010

Sweet Sensation!

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How did I miss this? Last year ( March 11, 2009, to be exact) there was a big hoopla to celebrate Barbie turning 50. Now if Barbie were actually a living, breathing, human being she would perhaps be going through menopause BUT alas Barbie, is a doll made of plastic and sculpted to perfection -still looking like she is a young woman of 18. (Do you think Demi Moore, has the same gene pool as Barbie—just wondering)????

To celebrate Barbie’s 50th birthday, in Sydney, Australia, Mattel unveiled a nearly seven-foot tall “Barbie doll” chocolate mud cake. The 2,645 lb cake was covered in gold icing, gold silk, and 2,000 Swarovski crystals valued at $50,000, and was based on the design for the limited edition 50th Anniversary Barbie Doll.

The cake was designed by Australian fashion designer Alex Perry, jewelry designer Stefano Canturi, and hairdresser Joh Bailey, in collaboration with Sweet Art bakers.

Happy  “Very Belated” Birthday Barbie!

Let them eat cake!-Barbie Cake that is! Image by Eat Cake

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Dec 21, 2009

Final “Notes” on Holiday Apparel!

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Well here we are Glamour Girls – only 4 days until Christmas. This is such a joyful, exciting, crazy, stressful time of year. I hope the finish line is in site with all your holiday shopping, wrapping, cooking and decorating. It is always a relief to have everything done and focus on the most important question looming on every Glamour Girls mind……….

“What am I going to wear”????

(Insert event: Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, The Caroling Party, The Christmas Cookie exchange… etc..etc..etc.) Now being the Glamour Girl that you are, I assume that you have a plethora of outfits to choose from for any number of occasions you must attend. However if perchance you have a fashionably challenged “friend” who takes the term” holiday apparel” a bit to literally, I wanted to submit this brief holiday “don’t” pictorial to aid her in avoiding a  holiday disaster far greater than cranberry stains on her bottom or spilt eggnog on her top. 

May your Fashions be Cheery and Right! Save “bright” for the tree!

Happy Holidays  

Keep all ornament ON the tree! Thank you!

Ornaments should only be on the Tree! Thank you!

Shoes should be Festive-BUT..these just say "I need Fashion Rehab"!

Shoes should make a statemnt! but these just say "I've had way to much eggnog and got dressed in the dark..these are really my slippers.."

Why would you ever choose to wear a sweater with numerous faces depicting Santa Clause..UNLESS Santa looked like George Clooney?
No man fictional or otherwise deserves “face time” on the front of your sweater unless of course it’s George as in Clooney and then only if he has proposed marriage and your wearing a tacky T-shirt to announce said nuptuals.
FInally-There is a Big difference between Holiday Sparkle and wearing so much shimmer you could bring in a plane!

No need to have every item of apparel "shine" unless you have a job bringing in planes or very large sleds with reindeer in the wee hours of the evening!


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Nov 20, 2009


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The movie Twilight (New Moon) opens tonight and unless you’ve been on Mars or living under a rock you couldn’t possibly escape all the hoopla that has ensued. The three main characters have appeared on every visual medium available (i.e. Talk shows, TV Magazine shows, Late Night, Cable. etc.etc.etc.).  SO what has this got to do with fashion…? Just EVERYTHING! I don’t like to throw any woman under the proverbial fashion bus BUT, if you are appearing in probably the biggest blockbuster movie of the year, and your on camera in every major and cable network channel 24/7 and you have access to probably any designer on the planet to pick from one amazing collection after another I ask??? ” Kristin Stewart-(the female lead)- Would it kill you to muster up a little bit of effort and perhaps hire a hair and make up expert or maybe even a stylist to look presentable. Kristin, you showed up at the premiere of your movie in an Oscar de la Renta gown for God’s sake and from the looks  of every photo I have seen, make up and accessories were not on your radar.  As I scan more pictures at different events it seems to run true that you certainly take a very RELAXED attitude toward fashion. I am trying to be objective and think ..  there are some people that just can’t carry off a look…. BUT in all the photos I notice you have lovely skin, a nice figure, good hair…so what gives? The only explanation I can possibly consider is perhaps you are taking your movie title a tad to seriously and dedicate yourself to getting dressed in very,very little light. Perhaps even twilight????  


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Nov 8, 2009

Goodbye Kitty!

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Elen Rives former wife of Chelsea football player Frank Lampard-picture here going into Sketch Club in London

Elen Rives former wife of Chelsea football player Frank Lampard-pictured here going into Sketch Club in London

I read gobs of fashion blogs, newspapers and mags-hey I’m not curing cancer here-I’m just staying up on “current events.” I came across this story about Elen Rives (don’t  have a clue who she is except I read she is getting a nasty divorce from her football star of a husband that plays in Chelsea-now that isn’t  Chelsea as in fabulous trendy area in New York -it’s the Chelsea “over the pond” as they say).

So, here is my point. When your friend is going through a BAD SPOT in life please be there to listen, support, advise and for God’s sake “fashion police her like there is no tomorrow.” If she walks out of the house looking like this there may not be another tomorrow for her…fahsionably speaking.

Fashion Rule: After the age of 5, stop wearing anything that has stuffed animals sewn onto it

 Case closed!


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