Apr 8, 2020

Lovvvvvving Lola Boutique

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 All I can say is…iheartlola.com.

I know we’re all in lock down  mode and truth be told maybeeeee feeling a bit of cabin fever coming on. So what’s a Glamour Girl to do when you’re craving some seriously sweet Spring & Summer Fashion but at the same time we’re all being mindful of  something called “a budget.”

The good news is that I have been introduced to one stylish boutique that will quell  those fashion craving.Full disclosure- my dear friend Leigh-Anne,was kind enough to give me the 411  on this sweet boutique and it’s owner Erika Christian. Trust me on this one-my friend does not disappoint and I think you will find this site full of quality merchandise at amazing price points.

Erika has a great sense of style and offers  her customers  the best in style,selection and service. The woman is an absolute delight!

Check out her website by clicking on any of the images below and also visit her Facebook page which she updates often for the latest and greatest styles.

Images Courtesy of Lola Boutique &  (*)Images  by  Leigh-Anne Photography

Erika Christian -Lola Boutique Owner with her adorable son. *Image by Leigh-Anne Photography

Brighten my Day Floral Dress $42.00

Floral Yellow Button Up Top $36.00

Be Kind Tee $26.00

Click on Image to view Jewelry Selections

Leopard Belt $18.00

Mama Hats (Perfect for Mother’s Day) $23.00

Leigh -Anne is wearing *Floral Sage Satin Midi Dress $38.00 *Image Courtesy of Leigh-Anne Photography

Lovely Bralette(s) $20.00 *Image by Leigh-Anne Photography

Inside the Sweet Boutique Image by *Leigh-Anne Photography

Inside the Sweet Boutique Image by *Leigh-Anne Photography

Emma Crossbody $150.00

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Mar 1, 2020

Spiritual Sunday

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Feb 24, 2020

Monday Mantra

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Today, LA hosted a Celebration of Life ceremony to honor the memory of Kobe Bryant, his daughter Gianna and the 7 other victims of that horrible helicopter crash that took these beautiful souls too soon. I thought it was only fitting to share this quote and send the families our deepest condolences and blessings.

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Feb 16, 2020

Let’s take a Moment and …Think Pink

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I woke up early.. I mean like 4 A.M.  early to write . The early morning hours bring me the most clarity and I am  working on a project I’ll  share with you at a later date.

For today’s blog purposes I wanted to share a little bit about my passion for PINK.

Like allot of girly girls, I LOVE Pink. Light pink, dark pink, blush pink..I think you get the message I reallllllly like pink. Happy Sunday and when in doubt..Think Pink-it will perk up your day. Promise. xo


In hopes of perking up your day and putting some SPRING in your step I thought I might highlight some pretty pictures with a pop of pink for you to enjoy.

Pink Velvet with Rhinestone Bling… Need I say more?!

My idea of the perfect coat…pink, pearl buttons and fitted to a T.

A pop of pink perks up any coffee table.

Fabric Shopping….and somehow I always find pink something or other..even if it’s hidden.

Pink lighting is ALWAYS flattering



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Feb 9, 2020

Oscar Sunday..The Envelope Please

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A quick sneak peak behind the Oscar Envelope…

The Envelope is large and beautifully embossed…

A few years ago, I attended a luncheon from the production company in charge of designing and providing the envelopes for the Oscars.  P.S. This was NOT the company that  caused the major envelope debacle of 2018 but  had supplied all Oscar envelopes prior. I thought  you might enjoy a little 411 on this integral part of the Oscar Ceremony. And the Winner is…..


The envelope is no light weight. 1/4 inch thick(think heavier then the most luxe wedding invitations) and 1/8 inch thick


Envelopes are kept under lock and key..literally!

Envelope Prep

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Feb 4, 2020

Tuesday’s Tip..Happiness Life Hacks

Posted By: Terri

One wonderful and oh so doable life hack to help you get happy!

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Feb 1, 2020

February…Time to Sparkle in Ravishing Red

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I woke up this morning and scrolled my news feed, and THERE IT WAS…the beautiful image of our favorite Duchess Kate Middleton attending an event in the U.K. wearing this gorgeous midi length sequin dress by Needle & Thread.

Kate had her Needle & Thread Sequined Gown altered from the original floor length to midi- length . It fits to perfection and shows off her red suede Gianvito Rossi pumps.  Sadly, the dress is already SOLD OUT..BUT  there is a shorter version available for $519.00 on the site ( click on image to be directed to item) .

Just a an extra Saturday morning bonus, I’ve gone ahead and sourced a few other options featuring some red sequin sparkle. Happy February.

Needle & Thread Aurora Sequin Gown (SOLD OUT)

Aurora Dress (Needle &Thread $519)

Maria Lucia Hohan Sequinned Dress 60% off

Lulu’s Red Sequin Dress ($58.00)

For more red sequin wonders click on this link from Shop Style where you’ll find a bevy of beauties to choose from: https://www.shopstyle.com/browse?fts=red+sequin+dress


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Jan 22, 2020

3 pick me Ups & a Motivational Memo…

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Were you aware that this past Monday was deemed Blue Monday?  Who knew???? I had no idea. Supposedly, the 3rd Monday of the New Year is the saddest day of the year (deemed Blue Monday) apparently due to these three factors sussed out by “the Experts”  1. the holidays are over, 2. the weather is brutal (read into that cold and dreary) 3. Anddd holiday debt is creeping in on your credit card statements.
In an effort to lighten your week and put some “Spring” into your step I have come up with three easy peasy and low cost “pick me ups” that I hope will brighten your day and beautify your surroundings.
As an extra bonus I’ve also included my mid- week moment of motivation just to top things off.
I hope you’re having a wonderful Wednesday and that you totally dodged the dreaded Blue Monday.
Happy Wednesday!

  1.  Bring that Sterling OUT of  Storage & Display away! Unpack all those stored pieces of sterling and use them in creative ways around your home.

2.Buy a Bouquet Today... Flowers are always a good idea. You can pick up a bunch of your favorite  flowers at any grocery store and display them in any room of your home. So pretty and affordable.

3. Pretty up your Pantry.  I  recently organized and updated the pantries below for clients. Containers were purchased at Bed Bath & Beyond and (wait for it … The 99 cent store). I then found fun labels at my local craft store and Whah- lah-instant and might I add well organized pretty pantry.

and a little mid week memo of motivation…

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Jan 15, 2020

Color of the Year…Classic Blue

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The reviews are in. Pantone, the color experts have deemed the color Classic Blue to be the Color of the Year. Classic Blue ….will be beautiful on you!

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Jan 3, 2020

Hello 2020..New Year’s “Intentions”

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Hello 2020.

Celebrating Christmas at my dear friend’s home-Matt Van Dyne.

Everybody ,and I do mean EVERYBODY seems to be basking in the glow of a New Year and  the start of a  whole new decade.  I don’t recall this sort of hoop-la when we transitioned from 2009-2010, but then again there’s something about  saying the year 2020 out loud and  perhaps the association to perfect vision that makes this year so much more special.

So what are your resolutions this year? Have you made any resolutions for the year ahead or are you going with  the latest mantra of setting New Year ‘s “intentions?”

Intention.  That seems to be the buzz word as of late. Most likely because year after year this whole New Year’s resolution  mantra doesn’t really seem to stick for more than a week or two. Whereas, an intention is something you can strive to change or attain in increments. Intentions give you the permission to be mindful of what you want to change but doesn’t make you feel like a failure if you slip up. Soooo let’s make nice (to ourselves) and go for an intention to make our life better.

Here are my  New Year’s intentions for 2020…


1.Grow my blog Change the format, add  sponsors, update technologies.

2.Produce  and mount the musical  I’ve written. It’s been in my SAVE folder for far to long and it’s time to take it from the page to the stage.

3. I’ve  written a book (a comedy about my divorce) and intend to pitch it as a TV show or movie). If all this craziness  during my divorce hadn’t happened to me, it would have been hilarious. (Lawyers dying, Lawyers going into labor 25 minutes before a court appearance,  etc. etc. and that’s just the tip of the iceberg with all the insanity that ensued. I thank God (everyday) for having a comedy gene ensconced in  my DNA. As they say”funny is money”-I sure hope so. My divorce cost me the price of a condo in LA and I wasn’t the one who filed for it in the first place. Hilarious!


Meditate everyday

Have more fun in life.

Continue a healthy lifestyle and perhaps add a new recipe and workout each week to the mix.

Read a book a month

Enjoy life MORE!

I hope you can take a moment before the month gets into full swing and set some intentions for yourself. Wishing you the most wonderful year ahead.




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