Oct 17, 2016

Office Inspo

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Image courtesy of TheZoeReport.com

What better way to start the work week than by taking a sneak peak into the office of fashion maven….. Rachel Zoe!


Image courtesy of Bravotv.com



Image courtesy of bravotv.com


Image courtesy of brunchatsaks.blogspot.com


Image via Pinterest (source unknown)

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Nov 10, 2014


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Bailey in Dark Tortoise $168.00

The lovely ladies at The Zoe Report posted one of the most beautiful product placement pictorials (say that three times fast) featuring Coach sunglasses. It is beautifully done and a great way to see how other Glam Girls start their day. Enjoy.

Coach Caroline Sunglasses $158.00

All photos courtesy of The Zoe Report


Coach Ashley Sunglasses $168.00


Coach Bailey Sunglasses $168.00


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Mar 3, 2014

Rachel Zoe…

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Rack um up! Gorgeous Gowns Galore.


A bevy of bags-(all clutches)


Options for JL=Jennifer Lawrence.

Like Rachel (Zoe)always  said “You’ve got to have OPTIONS!” Here’s a sneak peak of her studio before the Oscars.

All Images  Courtesy of The Zoe Report.

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Jun 13, 2013

Rachel Zoe Resort 2014

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Rachel Zoe is forging ahead with her clothing line. Despite all the riff raff that claims the brand is sputtering her latest Resort 2014 Collection has signs of a MAJOR resuscitation. All the pieces are quintessential Zoe but the real standouts are done in basic black and white.  Photos courtesy of InStyle.com

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Mar 4, 2013

Back Together Again

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Brad Gorski and Rachel Zoe in happier days…

Could it be true that Rachel Zoe and her former assistant Brad Gorski are back together again. Yes…well-sort of. Ya see Rachel and Brad both have reality shows and now Bravo has paired the two back to back on Wednesday night. Brad’s show-It’s a Brad Bard World and Rachel’s Show-The Rachel Zoe Project  will be part of a full night of fashion on Bravo. This is the second season for Brad’s reality show -as we watch Brad expand his styling business and Rachel is knee deep in her sixth season with drama to ensue when her clothing line is rumored to be sputtering. Oh the drama..oh the fashion. When all is said in done we all hope that someday soon Rachel and Brad can put aside any hard feelings that transpired when Brad decided to go out on his own and Rachel felt less than appreciated. Let bygones be bygones and in doing so we will all be cheering for you both to succeed. In fact we might just be found chanting Bravo!   

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Oct 18, 2012

Rachel Zoe Style Update….

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Rachel Zoe has been very busy. She has a new shape-wear line with Jockey that just rolled out this week, another season of the Rachel Zoe Project airing soon on Bravo, a new comedy being written about her life to go to network and if that wasn’t enough her line of clothing and accessories continues to expand.  S.o.o what’s a girl to wear when she’s busy 24/7?  You really don’t think she’s running around in yoga gear? I thought you might enjoy seeing a few of the ensembles she wore to Fashion Week (P.S. all  of the outfits were from her latest Collection..by the way) and one of my favorite photos taken this week at  Elle’s Women in Hollywood ..  In reviewing her clothing choices one can learn allot about how to look sleek and stylish. 

1.   Rachels often opts for really simple silouettes. Clean lines accented with just the perfect shoe and accessories

2. Rachel wears allot of black-it gives you oodles of options…and we all know how much Rachel likes OPTIONS.

3. Have your clothing tailored to fit. Rachel is VERY tiny and chances are she has to have her clothes taken in but nothing says style more than an outfit that fits you to perfection.

4. Invest in one great handbag-note how many times Rachel has the same handbag in these photos.

5. Rachel is petite and clothes could overwhelm her figure hence she wears the clothes and they don’t wear her-keep it simple and you will always be the star of your  own show.

6. Elongate your line-too appear taller wear :a)Higher heels  or b) monochromatic outfits?

     Answer: BOTH! 

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Sep 7, 2012

Rachel Zoe-Update…

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You know her..you love her!

 There’s  been allot of buzz about out favorite petite stylist-Rachel Zoe.  In the last few weeks stories have been circulating  that her Bravo show is cancelled and her clothing line kah-put. Rachel Zoe didn’t get to be where she is without some savvy business sense and some great styling. Rachel remained mum on all the rumors and whah-lah..just like a fairytale ending- all is well in Zoeland. Her Bravo show has in fact been picked up and her clothing line is branching out to include jewelry and eventually home goods. I recently spotted this wonderful interview (online-via Lucky Magazine) and thought that you might enjoy reading it as much as I did.) Bottom line Rachel Zoe is not only a good business woman but something rare in the industry..Nice! 


Rachel Zoe shared her style and career advice at the FABB Conference this week and originally reported by Allison Syrett-posted on Lucky Magazine online:

On being confident, but not overly so: “The minute you start to feel it’s easy, you start to slip a little.” 

 On why she loves social media: “There is no better way to communicate with the world than through social media.” 

When her next book is coming out: “Sometime in 2013. I’m aiming for spring, but that could mean summer.” 

On all the (false!) rumors that her brand is failing and her show is getting cancelled: “At the end of the day, you hope that journalists fact-check. I’ve learned to take the high road.”

 On her style as a designer: “I’ve always, always drawn inspiration from my icons—Bardot, Ali MacGraw, Jane Birkin, Diane von Furstenberg. I basically design for the person that I dream to be. I want the pieces to be wearable, sophisticated and classic.” 

 On bringing her son to her mostly-female office: “It’s important that my son is surrounded by 30 women every day.”

 The inspiration for her S/S 2013 collection: “If Mick Jagger was a women in the late ’60s.” 

 Her interpretation of glamour: “I want it to be easy—effortless and easy.” 

Her styling tip for wearing winter coats: “Put your heavy coat on your shoulders, it looks kind of gangster-cool.” 

Her advice for succeeding with a clear conscious: “Always be nice to people. Don’t step on people to get where you want to in this business.” 

 On motherhood: “It’s the most grounding thing that will ever happen to you. Things that use to be like, five-alarm fires don’t even make me blink.”




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Feb 12, 2012

Loving Rachel Zoe Fall 2012…

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I loved Rachel Zoe’s Fall 2012 Collection. It’s  Rachel’s aesthetic through and through with a touch of 70’s inspiration, gorgeous fabrications and impeccable tailoring..not to mention more than a few exquisitely draped pieces.  To view the  complete collection:  www.style.com


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Nov 2, 2011

White Out at Home Zoe…..

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As much as I hate to admit it, The Rachel Zoe Project is one of my guilty pleasures. Season four wrapped last Tuesday and quite frankly I am going through a bit of withdrawal. To aid in relieving my need for “Zoe News,” I thought best to click onto the Bravo TV. Com website and see if there were any tidbits of info that I might have missed. Who knew that I would find a bevy of uber fabulous pictures of the Berman household. In case you missed that segment…the storyline went something like this: Rodger asked Jeremiah (Rachel’s newest stylist who really wasn’t a clothing stylist at all but had a background in interior decorating…but I digress) to decorate the new Berman residence. A mere 7,000 square feet of uber luxury was the ticket that the Berman’s had just plopped down their hard earned money on and  it was empty…TRANSLATION: The house needed EVERYTHING! Now for the best part….Rodger tells Jeremiah…”We need to move in with it completely done in 10 days.” Rodger. Are you high???” Who can decorate an entire house in 10 days? I guess Jeremiah can because when they had the reveal sure enough Jeremiah delivered. The house is wall to wall white…So clean, so bright so…Don’t you dare drink red wine ANYWHERE in this house! (I don’t think there’s this much white in Heaven.) What I   do know is that this is going to be one snazzy home for Baby Skylar to grow up in.

***For the complete before and after pictures click onto www.bravotv.com

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Sep 6, 2011

Fashion at Full Throttle…

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Hold onto your Manolo’s… it’s going to be a very busy week when it comes to fashion. Let’s start with the season premiere of the Rachel Zoe Project on Bravo TONIGHT. We ‘ll finally get the scoop on Zoe Inc. and have a front row seat as we listen to why Brad left, how Rachel handled her career and her pregnancy  and the launch of her latest clothing line. 

Then… we’ve barely a moment to wait before we  grab our Amercican Express Platinum  card for Fashion’s (second) Night out on Thursday September 8th and head to our favoirte shopping emporium.  Retailers all across the country and online are ready to party and promote by pulling out all the stops with food and drink and deep discounts on some pretty fabu items for fall.  

…and  speaking of Fall fashion: September 8,2011 is also the start of New York Fashion Week for Spring 2012.  You can view daily show schedules and collections on www.style.com.  Fashion waits for no one…Not even the season at hand. Enjoy!   

 Image courtesy of Osca de la Renta  
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