Fashion Ovation & Fashion Citation



“Fashion Ovation!”


“Fashion Citation?”


 Each week I will present a Fashion Ovation Award and a Fashion Citation (dishonorable mention)-needless to say the citation wouldn’t exactly be an AWARD of sorts but most likely a fashion note to either:


·        Fire your stylist

·        Get a new eye doctor

·        Rethink getting dressed in a dimly lit closet.


 The Fashion Ovation Award won’t always highlight celebrities –but let’s face it they are in a visual medium and posted across the internet, hence- easier to download then the everyday woman.


I will be out and about- taking note and pictures of some great fashions though-so keep your eyes open to see if you end up on the fashion ovation section in weeks to come.

Fashion Ovation-Julianne Hough in Zuhair Murad

Fashion Ovation-Julianne Hough in Zuhair Murad


Fashion Citation-Lee Ann Womack

Fashion Citation-Lee Ann Womack



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    Reply: Thank you so much for finding and reading GTGG. Have a wonderful day!

  2. symptoms says:

    Hmmm thanks for yet another very interesting post . Where do you find your inspiration for all this

    Reply: Thank you for reading GTGG. My inspiration comes from everywhere. I am constantly in search of interesting topics and read numeorus fashion sources.I also observe all that is around me and write on whatever I am passionate about in the moment.

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  5. Pammy Pajammy says:

    This is the most outstanding site! I love your Fashion Ovation and I love your (and laughed hard at) your Fashion Citation! You are amazing 🙂

  6. Robin says:

    First off, let me say, I LOVE THIS WEBSITE! Secondly, I agree with you on both the ovation and the citation. I really admire Lee Ann Womack’s talent, but I didn’t love her in this outfit. Nice display of the girls but maybe the red Valentino featured on this site would have been better on her.

  7. beastlyboy says:

    Hey GTO_girl, I recently pick up a couple of ditty’s the other day while mindlessly pedaling my way thru Bloomy’s and was hoping I could strike a pose and send in a shot….nothing pornographic or jaw-dropping, but I need to know from a reliable source (this being You)…….Do I get an Ovation or a citation? Be honest…