Won’t you buy Rachel a cookie? Please!!!!!



Rachel Zoe in Marchesa at Bravo A-List Awards
Rachel Zoe in Marchesa at Bravo A-List Awards

Rachel Zoe is a very sought after celebrity stylist to the stars. I am sure she is a lovely person but God, every time I look at the girl I just want to buy her a cookie.

Mrs. Zoe was at the Bravo A-list Awards wearing a Marchesa dress that could have wrapped around her 5 times over. Billowing dress be gone-she is rail thin and looks as if she’s just seconds away from being put on life support.

So won’t you join me and buy Rachel a cookie? We’ve got to unite fashionistas and let this girl survive in the nitty gritty grueling world of celebrity styling.

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  4. Kelly Zimmerman says:

    1st off she looks like a combination of Nicole Richie and Mary Kate Olsen….Which would be great….if all these women actually maintained a healthy lifestyle instead of following the eat-a-celery-stick-when-your-hungry club.

    On a second thought, maybe she just needs a visit to the real Nitty Gritty for a meal in good ‘ole Madison before she tackles the “nitty gritty grueling world of celebrity styling”.

  5. Girls needs a two piece and a bisket, because she is HUNGRY…>> ROTFL