Who knew?-Bamboo could look so good on you!

Lara Miller  Dress

Lara Miller Dress/Hand Loomed Bamboo/www.embodies.com





Today is officially Earth Day and here I sit in my grass skirt, organic cotton t-shirt and lemon leaf woven loafers…….. Not!

The good news is that “Eco/ aka “Green”-friendly fashion has come such a long way. You don’t have to run around looking like Pocahontas with a one shoulder suede frock and moccasins-(except-the one shoulder is pretty darn trendy at the moment).  I want to highlight a few websites that have Eco friendly fashion. Some are very tres-chic…so go forth and be fabulous, fashionable and green…

www.embodies.com (great Eco designers)love Lara Miller

www.edun.com (Eco-fashion by Bono & wife Ali Hewson)





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    thanx mate!

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    Thank you for reading GTGG. The wrodpress template that I use was altered with the use of a wonderful and talented graphic artist using my image. Glad you like it.

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  6. And i thought Bamboo was only good when you eat Chinese food. Oh well