Project Runway withdrawal… to be continued…..

Lifetime Television has the television rights to our beloved Project Runway. Originally created by the Weinstein Corporation for the Bravo channel-it has been eons since we last heard Heidi say “Alveterzane” to Season 5. This little break in our PR obsession came about because of a nasty little lawsuit to move PR from the Bravo channel to Lifetime Television. (See www.gotoglamourgirl post of 4/2/09).

I don’t know about you but I have been sitting in anticipation waiting for the return of Heidi, Tim and the designers.  Season 6 has been shot in Los Angeles instead of New York and Lifetime seems to be taking their namesake a little too seriously because they have just announced that Project Runway will return January 2010. JANUARY 2010-that is 3 fashion collections from now. Pre-Fall 09, Spring 2010 and Resort. Are you kidding me-that isn’t a Lifetime it’s a fashion eternity!


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