The Fashion Show?

I am in major withdrawal mode from Project Runway. Knowing that I have to wait until January 2010 isn’t helping so I have succumbed to Bravo’s Project Runway knockoff- The Fashion Show. 

First of all I must tell you that I am a big fan of Isaac Mizrahi.  Isaac has a flair for fashion and a great personality on camera. However, I am a bit baffled as to why they cast Kelly Rowland as his co-host.  Now for all you Destiny’s Child fans out there I have nothing against Kelly Rowland personally -I am just suspect of her actual fashion credentials. If her qualification process simply required wearing fashionable clothes I think there would be a large number of us fashionistas up for the task.

As for the “designers” and we use this term  loosely when items of apparel were sent down the runway last week being held together by mere SAFETY PINS-I’m sorry I thought this was a fashion design show not a cut and paste project that would have the girl scouts giving out  de-merit badges.

After viewing the first two shows one can only wonder about the actual design capabilities of the contestants, the lack of creativity in the weekly challenges and the seemingly boring pace of the show. From the disenchanted looks of the audience viewing the final runway presentation it seems they are longing for a gun … Tim Gunn!

 If the Fashion Show doesn’t start living up to its moniker-by giving us some real honest to goodness fashion or a show that is interesting, competitive and inspiring-we will be saying Alveterzane!

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