In fashion there are only 2 seasons: Spring and Fall. The closest thing to Summer is Resort and that my dear fashion friends made its debut in “early” January.  Hello! Can we say snow and lots of it for most people at that time of year.  But I digress…

Here I am sitting in my office 1 week before Memorial Day. My white eyelet sundress perfectly pressed, strappy sandals lined up and ready for action, pedicure chipless in a pretty shade of coral and chunky turquoise  stone necklace ready to jump out of its brightly colored gift box when BAMB my inbox is deluged with Pre-Fall Fashions from every retailer under the sun.

Now don’t get me wrong I love a new winter coat just as much as the next girl even through I live in Sunny California. I adore the thigh high boot, the suede gladiator open toe ankle boot, the lush feel of cashmere on your body, and the allure of all the beautiful fall colors and how they instantly perk up your complexion…-but I ask you Fashion Gods can we just take a collective summer siesta and enjoy our sundresses, Capri’s, open toed stilettos and self tanner for just a brief moment?

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