Red White and You!

DSQUARED2 at was $669.00 now $535.00

DSQUARED2 at was $669.00 now $535.00

Don’t you just love the 4thof July? Not only is it a holiday to really kick back but as an added bonus you get to eat hot dogs, hamburgers, potato salad, and  multiple ice cream sandwiches. After a grueling day of sheer relaxation we top it off with viewing fireworks. How great is that! The 4th of July is such an easy holiday to celebrate-(no gift buying, no costume needed, and no elaborate party menus) – the entire holiday is pretty much a picnic -in every sense of the word.   

The best part of the whole shebang (fashionably speaking) would be having complete fashion license to wear red, white and blue, either all at the same time or some variation on the theme. No one but no one will give you grief for somewhat resembling the American flag for this one wondrous day! SO my dear-go forth…and be fabulous. But keep in mind you don’t want to be one of those whom delve into some pretty precarious fashion territory…you know who I’m referring to: they will be there at the picnic-just watch and see- the too short shorts, the midriff top that has multiple midriffs and the strappy sandal void of a proper pedicure with more chips than than a can of Pringles.

Happy Fourth!

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