Fall Fashion Theory!


“A  Fairytale Fashion  Theory”

“Wasn’t Alice in Wonderland late for the tea party? It was probably due to the fact that the tea party was in summer and she was determined to wear a new dress. Alice being Alice wanted a nice, frilly, feminine summer dress with lots of pretty bows, lacing and detailing- (we should have given her Betsey Johnson’s phone number-but back to Alice). Alice probably went out  to  find a dress not thinking this would be a problem,you know- to buy a summer dress in summer but, she was SO WRONG. All Alice found was a wide assortment of fall dresses made of wool and cashmere and velvet…all with 10 percent spandex woven in.. Oh my! What was she to do??? .but go  to the party in a summer dress she purchased in January.

Well here we are just days after the fourth of July and you do know what that means-we are late…very, very  late- ( about a month to be exact), to embrace the arrival of FALL FASHION 2009. I know, I know what’s a girl to do when it’s a 102 (degrees that is) and your just achieving that golden glow of summer.

Meanwhile, retailers have been sending out mass fall fashion emails, promoting autumn trunk shows and practically ruining a good manicure on “setting up shop.” It’s really quite a process, and to think they do it all for us in the midst of sweltering heat. I have often wondered how this retail phenomenon was started in the first place -laying out new fall fashion at the very height of summer heat, and it doesn’t just happen at the onset of fall fashion, try and find a decent swimsuit in June-forget it! January is optimal. Suffice it to say, whoever is in charge of the fashion calendar is definitely NOT a procrastinator….maybe they have a “looking glass” to see in and know what the next fashion season will bring. 

 I wish I could ask Alice…..

A better Frock for Alice from Betsy's Fall 2009 Collection!

A better Frock for Alice from Betsey's Fall 2009 Collection!

Betsy Johnson with modelwearing her Fall 2009 colleciton. Is that tea I see on the table?
Betsey Johnson with models wearing her Fall 2009 Collection. Is Betsy possibly the Mad Hatter of Fashion?

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