Celebs are only human-Thank Goodness!

Halle Berry

Exhibit A-Halle Berry-being human!

Halle Berry with a little effort
Halle Berry -putting it together!

Here we are the end of the week and perhaps sometime in the past few days you were browsing through your favorite magazine, or watching the Style Channel on E or just thinking about how celebrities are so much prettier…skinner…taller…(insert whatever quality you may be thinking at the moment) but in a word “Better” than you. Well my darling fashion friends…I have just two words for you to remember: Photoshop and Retouch!

 It’s the weekend, and in my never ending quest to make you feel like the true glamour girl that you are just remember-“Even one of the most beautiful women on the planet can look- ho hum.”

(*Exhibit A) -is just a simple little display that we are all human-even the celebs…with gobs of cash, free designer duds, sensational stylists and the best personal trainers at their fingertips. 24/7.

Now don’t you feel better? Hope so! Have a great weekend.

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