Copy that!

Penelope Cruz in Bottegna Veneta Resort 2010

Penelope Cruz in Bottegna Veneta Resort 2010 **Photo coutesy of Red Carpet Fashion Awards

Just a quick little fashion tip:

Most of the time, and I do mean MOST-it is best to wear a designers creation as they have presented it to the public.(Please refer to photo on left.)

Miss. Cruz is always a fashion favorite but I must say that just cuffing the pant doesn’t work for me. It looks like she just didn’t have enough time to hem her pants. Now really Penelope-(who I believe resides most of the year in Italy and Spain) to think she can’t find a tailor? Please call the Vatican! It’s a sin not to have someone so gorgeous look less than picture perfect.

So remember going forward-if you see a certain ensemble put together by the DESIGNER…(unless you have Patricia Fields in your back pocket who has the reputation to rework any outfit within  an inch of it’s fashion life)-stick to what the designers presentation is-that’s why they are called designers in the first place.

Got it?


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    Ive learned so much online in the past four years. The majority of my knowledge I attribute to reading great blogs like yours. Thank you!