Project Zoe


What is approximately 90 pounds, hasn’t had a morsel of food since 2005, is eternally tan, and noted as one of the most sought after fashion stylists to the stars? Correct…. Rachel Zoe.

You are all so good and you got it on the first guess!!!!

Seems our little Rachel is back on Bravo premiering August 24, for season two of the Rachel Zoe Project. Her life is more Bananas (her favorite word-wish she would actually eat one) than ever.

This season Rachel takes us to Fashion week in Paris, shows us more of her everyday mayhem complete with  crazy schedules, temperamental assistants threatening to quit (again. and again…and again) and fashion disasters-did I hear someone brake a nail? Yes our tiny Rachel does all this without a bite to eat…EVER…just frame by frame of television footage showing Rachel scanning the globe with her trusty cup of Starbucks. Many of you know that I tried to start a cookie drive months ago to feed Rachel but to no avail. I can only hope that somewhere this season Racehl decides on a whim to venture into a drive through and order..well let’s jsut make this easy and say a banana split…

Take Care Rachel, we will be watching!  

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