Get a Grip!

Losing your grip on holiday gift giving: Here is the perfect GO TO item to give.. The Clutch Handbag. No need for sizining…becasue one size will definitely fit all! 

Judith "Enchanted" CLutch $2,995.00
Judith The Grand Dame of clutches has this spectacular item called the “Enchanted” Clutch $2,995.00…
Ann Satin Bow CLutch $115.00
Ann Satin Bow Clutch $115.00 Franchi Feather Frame CLutch $148.00 Franchi Feather Frame Clutch $148.00 Top Clutch "Tracing Bead" $158.00,$arana Clutch $178.00 Top Clutch “Tracing Bead” $158.00,$arana Clutch $178.00
Jessica McClintok Chain Frame Clutch Nordstrom $78.00 Jessica McClintock Chain Frame Clutch $78.00

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