Just say “No” J.Lo!

A.h.h.h… 2010! A New Year! Say good bye to bad decisions, bad economic news and most of all bad fashion.

But wait-I can’t move forward until I “topic discuss” one major fashion foopah right before the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve.  I present Exhibit A-Ms. Jennifer Lopez aka Jenny from the block,aka J Lo. – sporting this glittering cat suit number smack dab in the middle of Times Square. Now Jen Jen, you have always been on of my favorite “best dressed” celebs and for a nanosecond I thought : “Perhaps she is going to add a skirt or top or coat to this ensemble.” But no dear Jenny-you proceeded to prance around the stage in this form fitting unitard for all the world to see! . This is live TV in HD-do you know what those two words mean? (You should –you have been in the business for over a decade) Here is how it translates: – T.V. – puts on 10 pounds, HD (puts on another 20). Now Jen-you just turned 40, a beautiful girl to be sure-BUT when your in HD on TV for goodness sake wear a black cat suit (much more slimming than brown) and make sure the rhinestones are placed in such a way to give the illusion of a smaller silhouette and (P.S.) Please use some powder underneath the suit to absorb sweat! Better yet-why not wear a fabulous dress or if you want a casual hip look (remember you’re Jenny from the block) some  thigh high boots,glittering leggings with a fantastic top and faux fur jacket. So cute. So hip…so.o.oo. much better than the brown glittery cat suit …Sorry Jen-I don’t mean to be catty..I just didn’t like the “catsuit.” Oh yeh- Happy New Year!


Image by Mike Coppola/Getty Images


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