“Golden Globe Misses!”

Tina Fey in Zac Posen..Tina..Tina..Tina..what were you thinking? Did you get confuesed with all the rain and the umbrellas-DId you think it was a Mary Poppins screening instead of the Globes?

Dear Mariah-the term Golden Globes is not to be confused with showing ALL OF YOURS!

Jessica Lange in Zac Posen One question: Zac-were you at the fitting?

Christina Hendricks in Christian Siriano..Much too much of everything..A bit "over the top" and I do mean that literally!

Rita WIlson

Rita Wilson-I don't know who designed this for you BUT FIRE THEM IMMEDIATELY! You are not heavy but his dress makes you look larger thatn the Botanical Gardens in full bloom.

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