A Valentine for Valentino!

Valentine’s Day, is a mere four days away and I would be totally remiss if I didn’t take a notable time out to reflect on THE one designer known for his signature red gowns-Valentino. Mr. Valentino, as all of you know-(and if you don’t-I suggest you run to your nearest Target and purchase the DVD “Valentino-The Last Emperor’ chronicling the making of his final design collection  in 2007 including an intimate look into his personal and professional relationships, lifestyle, and uber extravagant surroundings). Valentino, was undoubtedly the king of glamour, beauty and all gowns- red. In fact there was a color deemed Valentino Red…When he did retire in 2007  they built an entire exhibit that housed 3 levels of Red Valentino Gowns…  Mr. Valentino  designed some of the most beautiful clothes from 1972 to his final collection in Spring 2008. Nobody but nobody-had a more intricate and feminine design  sense and truly understood what made a woman look spectacular .  Mr. Valentino, you made us want to see red-Valentino Red…that is… Happy Valentine’s Day. 

This quote said it best…..

There is the Pope, and there is Valentino. In this city, I don’t know who else is as famous.”

—Walter Veltroni The New Yorker



Valentino in front of his many Red Couture Creations..


Valentino bidding farewell to the Fashion Industry upon his retiremnet in 2007….


Valentino -The Last Emperor out in DVD. A fashion MUST SEE!

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