Zac is Back!

O.K. GTGG it is time to rally…. Zac Posen, yes THE Zac Posen-designer extraordinaire, is debuting his Target line for the good old U.S. of A. on April 25th. Price points for the collection start at $39.99 and top out at $79.99…and YES, you are reading the numbers correctly.  I know-it’s like a fashion miracle…Zac Posen designs for under $80.00?? (Pinch me-on second thought don’t…there are a lot of sleeveless looks in his collection and I don’t want to be black and blue…) but I digress……

Zac, has created a fun, edgy, colorful collection for Target U.S. and just between you and I, it is so much more vibrant than his Australian collection  (see GTGG  1/29/10 for the Australian Look Book) .

So, set your alarms GTGG, it is going to be an early morning on April 25th

P.S. Race you to the checkout!


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