Smile Campaign-Progress report!

On my blog posting of March 2, I started a smile campaign to try and coax a “showing of the pearly whites” by Kristen Stewart.  I don’t know if we owe it to  the emails, tweets or actual letters or maybe just maybe a trip to one’s dentist BUT I do believe we may have cracked the code and a smile- although it is only a mere showing of one’s front teeth, but all the same Kristen Stewart appears in this picture taken on Oscar night to be smiling. It’s a miracle!!! The girl who always poses with a scowl, or glum expression actually looks awake, alive and seemingly with expression. Now if you’re really going to knit-pick, you could say she has her lips parted only slightly and that doesn’t really qualify as a smile. But let’s not be greedy and appreciate that perhaps all the love we are sending our Kristen is paying off. Have a great day and remember to smile. It causes fewer wrinkles than a frown and it makes other people feel good… including you!  


Kristen Stewart in Monique Lohuillier…Almost Smiling!

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