Hello Spring!

Spring officially arrives in 4 days…but then again who’s counting???? Well, HELLO!!! – Everyone! It has been a brutal winter with most of the cold climates deluged with snow and sleet and record breaking  storms that seemed to go on for weeks. Not to mention, wearing layer upon layer (although a fashionable layer at that) of cashmere and wool sweaters and scarves and coats. Just getting dressed with all those warm layers takes an extra 20 minutes each day. I wonder if that’s why the start of Spring begins right after we change our clocks to Daylight Savings time? Maybe it has nothing to do with longer days. Maybe the “daylight saving”   is really in reference to the actual time it takes to get dressed in the morning….

 Let’s face it-we love the thought of warmer, sunnier days ahead but truth be told what really puts a little “spring in our step” is the realization of  FINALLY being able to wear that spring skirt, or dress or top that we bought in JANUARY. Hello Spring… We thought you would never get here!

Hello Spring!!!! It’s time to Pull Out The Pastels.

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