Sitting-Up for Swimwear 2010

What do women fear more than death, taxes, public speaking or a broken heel on their newly purchased Manolo’s????

Answer: Swimsuit Season.

Most women that I talk to (unless they work as a Victoria’s Secret Model or have literally won the genetic lottery-with the inability to gain weight no matter how hard they try, and “complain” about oversized breasts, long legs and finding pants to fit because their waist is too small…) have a difficult time mustering up the courage to embark on the search for the perfectl swimsuit.

Glamour Girls, I am here to help you through this little trauma and hopefully make the search for the perfect swimsuit-at the very least manageable, if not something to look forward too. Rule number one- DO NOT, I repeat- DO NOT, compare yourself to any model in any fashion magazine on the planet. First of all these women/models are truly a freak of nature-born into the world with perfect bone structure, metabolism and photogenic features. With all this perfection, they are still airbrushed and photo shopped within an inch of their lives before the page is printed. Second: Lighting is key and unless you are in a Marshalls or Neiman Marcus, (which have the most forgiving lighting) please be kind to yourself when you look in the mirror and remember that a good self tanner can do wonders when you hit the beach. Rule number three-and this is the one that requires the most effort on your part…nothing but nothing will make you look better in swimwear than sitting up-and I do mean that literally. Sit-ups… and lots of them, plus leg lifts, Pilates, Yoga etc.etc. can do wonders with a diet void of the daily Oreo cookie. So Glamour Girls, go forth and sit-up before you suit-up! Kisses!!!!!

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