Mother’s Day Gifts.

Mother’s Day is  fast approaching. I am here to remind all you beautiful Glamour Girls to get something Glamorous and NON-Domestic for your mother.

 I remember growing up in a small town and going to Sears with my Dad and siblings to purchase Mom a gift. Sears was the ONLY Department Store in town-needless to say we had a limited selection. My sweet Father would give each of us children a certain amount of money to purchase something for Mom. My sister’s and brother were in the housewares aisle looking at napkin rings, and salt and pepper shakers. How Utilitarian!!! I thought-and I was FIVE!! Even then I knew Mom deserved something just for her. SO off I went into the accessories department where I found a pretty paisley silk scarf and a pair of “dangly” rhinestone earrings. From that day forward I have always bought my Mother something special -just for her…not for the house, or the dog, or the garage-BUT HER and ONLY HER!

SO in these last few days to shop before Mother’s Day- I urge you to purchase something for Mom that has a bit of Glamour. It doesn’t need to be expensive-just something that will make her feel special…. 

*Chanel Nail polish (Major Department stores), Isacc Mizrahi Dress (, Flowers-(Can be hand picked or purchased at a reputable Florist) and Vintage mirrors (tag sales or thrift shops)….



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    Reply: Thank you for reading GTGG. GTGG has been a blog since 2008. I hope you will return often and enjoy GTGG.

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