Hello.o.o. Summer!

Summer has officially arrived!

In the world of fashion and glamour that means 3 things:

  1. The need for multiple layers of clothing is pretty much ka-put. Keep apparel   simple, easy and un-constructed… (Unless of course you are in a building that is blasting the AC at 60 degrees and then you pretty much have to “put on your parka.”)
  2. With the sun shining high in the sky and daylight lasting a few hours longer you have extra time to workout, hit the beach for a run, or enjoy a dinner of fresh fruit and actually feel full. All of this toward the never ending quest to: get in shape…stay in shape or lose a few unwanted winter pounds that haven’t seemed to budge since Easter.
  3. And finally….The Fall Fashions, will be hitting the stores in approximately one week! If there is any item of summer apparel that you have to have: HURRY AND BUY IT NOW!

Happy Summer! 

Jantzen Mallot available at jantzen.com

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