Dreaming of Dior….

Do you believe in fairy godmothers?

Better yet…How about a fashion Godmother!

If you had any doubts they exist…please read on…

The book “Dreaming of Dior” by Charlotte Smith reveals the fashionable stories of 28 in a collection of 3,000 items (mostly gowns) that Ms. Smith inherited from her godmother Doris Darnell. Seems that Ms. Darnell was quite the collector of ORIGINAL designer items dating back from 1790-1995, including numerous designer names (everything from Chanel to Dior and more). “The Collection”- of which Ms. Smith has chosen 28 to  write and  illustrate, gives the  intimate details of who wore the gown, what happened when they did and how these  fashions and their back stories seem to bond women together for all eternity.

The entire collection now aptly named the Darnell Collection have been on display in numerous fashion venues in the past and fingers crossed that they will appear in a city not to far from you in the near future. For now may I suggest that  you gorgeous Glamour Girls -pick up “Dreaming of Dior” and be spellbound by the fashionable stories that ensued.

Do you believe in fairy Godmothers now?

I knew you would!

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