Hems Gems!

You’re running late. You MUST be out the door in the next five minutes and you just can’t decide what to wear. A.h.hh.h….you think of the perfect solution: The new pair of fantabulous jeans you bought last week with the J.Crew shimmer silver cami and boyfriend jacket. Boom-done! Well not quite..Little problem….you forgot you bought that perfect pair of jeans but they’re a tad to long and need tailoring at the hem… BUT-there is no time!!!! What is a Glamour Girl to do? Tah-dah-dah-dah!!!!!

HEM GEMS to the rescue. If you haven’t found out about this little “gem” of an idea it’s really quite simple, fast and easy to apply not to mention- affordable (a pack of 8 rivets for $19.99).   Basically we are talking a package of rivets that you poke through your material to “stylishly hold  your hem in place until said time when you can actually hem them or/ if you want to wear a pair of pants with flats instead of heels and don’t want them to drag all over the place. Take a look below at your two riveting choices and a very quick and easy 3 step “how- to” for YOU!

Check out: www.hemgems.com

Pyramid Stud (8 for $19.99)

Classic Rivet

Step 1: Fold over hem to desired length.


Step 2:Tuck remaining fold under…


Attach Rivet (s) to keep modified hem in place.

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