Fall’s First Coat….

Model Jacuelyn Jablanoski courtesy of ohmodelblogspot

I am a coat-a-holmic (if there were such a thing-which there isn’t –so I can keep my little “obsession” under the radar and continue my accumulation without an intervention). Being a coat-a-holic means that I love coats and I don’t discriminate whatsoever. If a coat has great style, fit and fabrication –wrap it up! My coat accumulation began while living in Chicago years ago. I now reside in Los Angeles where the temps rarely dip below 40 degrees… (Funny- how living in a warmer climate didn’t seem to diminish my desire for more coats).  My closet is filled to the tilt with an assortment of capes, faux furs, leathers, trenches(cotton, wool and satin)and cashmere.

With the arrival of fall, I send Glamour Girls wishes that you will find the perfect lightweight wool coat to put on as soon as the temps dip.

Don’t you just love the first fall coat of the season? Me too!

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