Fashion BFF’s?

Well…well…well…isn’t this interesting? If you read GTGG with any sort of frequency, you know that  I have been pondering the possibility of SJP and Anna Wintour as BFF’s. for quite sometime. In previous posts I  noted numerous observations that would confirm this suspicion…

 Let’s review shall we.

Clue #1: SJP has been featured numerous times on the COVER of Vogue.

Clue. #2: Along with the noted “High Cover Count”-each issue went on to feature a written and beautiful depicted editorial homage to Ms. Parker.

Clue 3: SJP and Anna Wintour have been sited at numerous events-sitting next to each other conversing, exchanging pleasantries and/or in deep conversation.


I am definitely watching and keeping count. 

SJP & Anna Wintour ar rhe Narcisco Rodriquez Spring 2011 Show.

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