Glamour Gloves…

I L.O.V.E. the look of long gloves for day and evening.  There is nothing like an arms length of luxe leather or satin or suede to dress up a look. Think about it, if you will dear Glamour Girl how wearing a pair of gloves keeps your hands warm, protects a manicure, hides a chipped nail and works as a type of hand sanitizer without schlepping buckets of Purel around. So many benefits from one fabulous fashion accessory…A Glamour Girl really couldn’t ask for anything more… (Unless of course she could purchase said pair of Lanvin gloves (pictured below) at 75% off).

Leather Gloves from Talbot’s $78.00

Michael Kors Convertible Gloves @ Nordstrom $150.00

Lanvin Leather Gloves @ Net-a-porter $1,075.00

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