Break-up at Camp Zoe…

Listen up Glamour Girls.. This just in. Word on Fashion Avenue is that Brad (you know “Brad” that works for the Zoester) has left Rachel Zoe Inc as of today. “Sources” (and by sources I mean People Magazine …not a conversation overheard at the nearest Starbucks..) report that the split is amicable and that Brad has decided to go off on his own but owes everything he knows to Rachel.  So if you need a translation here it is: Brad and Rachel are the best of buds, and although Rachel is so connected in the fashion industry and has helped put Brad on the map with all the best names in the biz …Brad can’t continue the total devotion 24/7 to the  Zoe brand. Brad would like a little balance in his life…(Didn’t  he mention a dog and a boyfriend about 10 times in the last season of the The Rachel Zoe Project)?? I must say, I really like Brad-a class act and a really good businessman who understands the importance of relationships both business and personal. Good Luck Brad…..

Rachel Zoe and Brad Goreski

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