Wrist Watch…

I have been off from blogging for a few days due to a death in the family. As one might expert during this time of loss there is an outpouring of concern and love for which we are truly grateful. People emote their kindness through numerous gestures…ALL requiring some sort of hand or wrist action. (A heartfelt hand shake, a long hug, an offer of Kleenex to wipe away tears). In offereing ones self to comfort, an extension of the hand attached to one’s wrist is not to go unnoticed when said wrist is adorned with a bevy of bracelets, bangles and assorted wrist detail.

When life looks  bleak, a little bling on the wrist often reminds one to seek the “glimmer” of  healing and happier days  ahead…

Never underestimate the power of wrist watching…..

Bracelet by Vera Wang

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