Cavalli Canine Creations

Roberto Cavalli has expanded his fashion empire to include the latest in “daywear for dogs.” Not too long ago I also dabbled and designed a canine creation for my darling English Bull Terrier named Doozie. (Think Target dog without the red  bullseye ). I sewed a sporty red fleece coat with black braid trim and vintage Chanel button closure. SO CUTE!!! (P.S.-my sister thought I was nuts designing clothes for my canine). Obviously great minds and animals lovers think alike because Mr. Cavalli, has brought out some great designer duds for the dogs! A master with the use of animal prints in his high fashion line for women,  Cavalli brings a sense of fun and whimsy to his canine line. No bones about it..Cavalli Canine Creations for our four legged creatures are spot on!

Cavalli Perfect Puffa Jackets


Cavalli Haute Hoody


Cavalli “Boxer” Shorts


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