Doll Up this Halloween.

With Halloween looming just a few weeks away, a number of Glamour Girls have come to me in an absolute tail spin about “What to wear???”  Being a true Glamour Girl at heart and keeping in mind that your fashion dollars could and should be spent on items that actually have some staying power in your closet (not to mention that the usual Halloween attire for women has a limited range of “service industry” themes (witch, hooker, scantly clad nurse or French maid) I think I have come upon a solution that is not only flattering but will recycle last weeks Sunday Paper faster than Tim Gunn uttering “Make it work.”

 Enter …Paper Dolls. Yes, you heard me. You my darling Glamour Girl are going to celebrate as the true DOLL that you are – spending zero dollars because your ensemble is constructed from last week’s Sunday Paper. . Below are a few ideas courtesy of the Behance website that are sure to make you a true Glamour Girl and a creatively clad fashion icon that everyone will surely notice..BUT IN A GOOD WAY!   SO get your Sunday Paper (preferably the fashion section) some tape, scissors and staples and let the magic begin!   

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