Ralph Lauren’s New Digs!

The Magnificent Staircase…

Did you hear the news…The recession is officially over!!!!!. (According to the luxury lifestyle brand and creative genius Ralph Lauren). Last Thursday October 14th, 2010: RL opened his latest venture-A brand new flagship store at 888 Madison Avenue in New York City. A spectacular Beaux Arts building with a “mere” 22,000 square feet to house his collections including Lauren, Black Label Blue Label and RLX.  Mr. Lauren has brought the ultimate luxury shopping experience to his customers and for that we must all be thankful. If ever you believed in the credo…“To feel good…you must look good” then by stepping into this Gatsby-esque vision of shopping, strolling through floor after floor of beautiful decor and basking in all that is truly luxurious..you should feel uplifted, rejuvenated and ready to shop! Now go buy yourself some happy! The recession is officially over. Thank you Mr. Lauren!

First Floor


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