L’Oreal’s Magic Wand(s)

Yesterday I received a  “hot tip” from my dear friend Pat-a true Glamour Girl and Beauty Bonanza Queen. Pat has more beauty tips than Demi Moore-(except Ms. Moore professes that she is aging naturally without any help… surgical or product wise…Love you Demi, but you look younger than your daughter “Rumor”…but back on point). Pat told me about this amazing and AFFORDABLE product that does dual duty to a Glamour Girl’s Lashes and it’s rivaling the more expensive Latisse. Seems that L’Oreal has brought out the magnificent Double Extend Mascara where one end of this magic wand is the white growth serum- that you first coat your lashes with, while the opposite end is the actual mascara to give your lashes color and depth. I have taken note online of all the reviews and I am here to tell you that the product is  LONG LASH WORTHY!!! The best part: You can skip into your nearest drugstore and purchase this magic wand  for under $15.00.

That my dear Glamour Girl is no RUMOR! Try it today!  

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