Shop Small to Win Big!

Today November 27, 2010 is Small Business Saturday. Just in case you missed all the hub-bub about this latest venture for Small Business Owners (created by American Express) here is how the whole thing plays out. Small business owners are really suffering in the economy as of late. No Surprise right! In an effort to give the economy a boost and to support local businesses American Express has set aside today for people to make a concentrated effort to spend their money with the “little guy.” Now if per chance you have an American Express Card there is an extra $25.00 credit that you will see on your statement just for purchasing something from a small business on Nov. 27.  If however you cut up all your credit cards when the banks raised your interest rate (after we bailed them out) then consider this little gem of information….when small business owners succeed it results in a  tremendous boost on the local economy and in turn creates more jobs in your area.

So on this Saturday November 27, 2010 Shop Small to Win Big!

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