One Glamorous Stable!

Fashion Editorials can be so.o.o.o creative!  I recently came across this beautiful photo spread of Crystal Renn for Elle Canada Dec. 2010 photographed by Leda and St. Jacques. Call me crazy -but I couldn’t help but wonder that maybe Leda and St. Jacques were humming the lyrics to “Away in the Manger” when they envisioned this photo spread. Granted, the attire is couture, and the manger is a stable filled with beautiful white horses BUT…at this time of year…any pictorial  set in a stable with horses and one  lone woman is extremely “suggestive” of  the original biblical Christmas story.I’m just saying……

Lots of Beatuiful Horse..but no sight of three wise men…(figures)!


Sing with me now the verse: “Asleep on the hay.”

Images courtesy of Fashion Gone Rogue

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