Wednesday Winter Reprieve….

Baby it’s cold outside. ….

As I sat watching the morning news report I was bombarded with all the whether stories of record snow, cold and sleet. I first thought to myself, B.r.r.r.r. and then thought: What does a Glamour Girl need when the whether is so bone chilling that she can’t even think about anything else but sipping a cup of hot cocoa and wearing numerous layers of cashmere to keep her warm…(with “warm” being the operative word). What came to mind was Inspiration and of course Fashion. Always Fashion.

For a little mid-week inspiration not to mention some fabulous Pre-Resort 2011 Fashion, I present to you the latest offering from Louis Vuitton courtesy of Anne Vyalitsyna and Mark Segal….  

Don’t you just feel warmer already???

Thought so! Have a great day Glamour Girl!

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