Budget Proposal.

When I received this email at Go To Glamour Girl last week I was thrilled and intrigued. Here is what  transpired:

Dear Go To Glamour Girl,

Hi! I just got engaged to my boyfriend. The good news is we have been dating FOREVER and he wants to be married ASAP (April of this year).The bad news is, I just lost my job and  am trying to watch my money. Are there any wedding dress options available that are strapless, around $1,000.00 or under and available for delivery by early April  2011..


Happy…,but in a hurry

Dear Happy… but in a Hurry.

Congratulations, on your upcoming nuptials, I am positively thrilled for you . Needless to say I realize that time is of the essence and  understand your constraints. To that end I have quickly sourced some beautiful solutions to your dilemma via the web: The GOOD NEWS-I have found not one but four GORGEOUS options that meet your constraints. All gowns are around $1,000.00 or under, all strapless and all are available NOW! (We are talking RETAIL… so there is no problem). I would highly recommend ordering ASAP or if possible going into the store where available and trying them on. The key to having a gown look like it was made for you is  ALTERATOINS..if ever you have decided to spend the money on a perfect fit-THIS IS IT!!! A well fitting garment can be the difference between an “off the rack look” and “custom made.”If you want a little more “oomph” to make your gown really sparkle- might I suggest adding a bit of Bling…(think statement necklace and/or   rhinestone bracelet..) I have sourced  a necklace from White House Black Market.com on sale- (please see below) to give you an idea. I also suggest you look to  vintage stores, eBay, Etsy  or even borrow something from a friend to help you watch the budget but give you a look that is Glamour Worthy.  

Nicole Miller Gown $1,035.00

Nordstrom Tadashi Shoji Strapless Silk Wedding Gown $798.00

White House Black Market “Audrey” Wedding Gown $698.00

Ann Taylor Stapless Gown $495.00 (as seen on the Today Show)

WHBM.comPearl & Crystal Bauble Necklace was $98.00 now $49.00

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