An American in Paris…

An American has landed in Paris. So what’s the big deal?  It just so happens that the American we are speaking of is deemed: “The  Quintessential American Designer of our Time”- Mr. Michael Kors.

Mr. Kors just celebrated his thirtieth birthday in the fashion biz and like most are inclined to do when they reach a major milestone-Michael decided to do something  BIG.  If you know anything about Michael Kors ,he does everything with style, flare and on a grand scale. Let me tell you Glamour Girl, Michael was not messing around when he decided to cross the pond – and open his largest store to date in Paris. The 7,000 sq ft, (and yes, you are reading that number right and no, I didn’t add an extra zero), two-storey Michael Kors store is  located on rue Saint-Honoré, a short stroll away from Colette, and is the largest storefront in his 175-shop chain around the world.  

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  2. Marie Soderberg says:

    oo Michael Kors is my favorite :))