Hats Heyday!

It’s that time of year again! The week before Easter, when women everywhere suddenly decide that they HAVE TO HAVE A …HAT We are not talking just any mundane-cover your head-accessory item, like a beret or fedora or God-for-bid, some knitted or crocheted contraption that one wears in winter for the sole purpose of staying warm. But, instead we seek “The Hat” that is the ultimate fashion accessory. The perfect chapeau that says: “Hello-isn’t this THE most beautiful hat ever!” It’s a high order for any accessory, much less one that is usually saved for special occasions like Easter, the assorted sundry horse race, weddings and funerals.

I have searched high and low for some sensational selections for you . Thinking that the luxury retailers would be “filled to the brim” with beautiful bonnets/hats-I scoured one haute website after another -only to find that the selections were sorely lacking and at times non-existent! Left to investigate other options, I was surprised and delighted to discover decent hat selections  available at  (wait for it…) JCPenny, Target and eBay. Who knew!

If you prefer a look that feels a bit more couture-then start clicking your keyboard and type in http://www.samuelshats.com/   Trust me I have scoured a bountiful bevy of hat resources and hands down this is one of the best! Hand to my heart you will love their hats.   I bet your Easter Bonnet Brim on it!  

 **All styles available at http://www.samuelshats.com/   

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