Big News at H & M….

O.K.  I know that it’s the first day of summer BUT I have Fall Fashion News. The Swedish Retailer H & M, has penned a deal with none other than Donatella Versace. Seems that the fabulous Donatella will be creating a line that will consist of 40 women’s looks, 20 men’s and a few assorted home items for the retailer-available sometime in November of this year..Such exciting news! In fact Donatella, graced the catwalk today wearing one of her designs created for the H & M label(-it’s a black leather sheath with gold studs). Needless to say the price points might be a tad higher than the usual H & M fare… but well worth it. I will definitely keep you posted on this upcoming collection as I gather the details. Stay tuned….

Donatella Versace wearing one of her upcoming H&M designs.

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