The Banana has gone MAD…Again!

Well…well…well…it looks like the Banana (as in Republic) has gone Mad again. Quite frankly I feel like someone is toying with my Mad Men emotions. Why you ask?? Mad Men-(which P.S. by the way) is my FAVORITE TV show was originally set to air Season 5 this summer. But …and this is a very big but- due to a contract snafu between the AMC network and Mad Men creator Mathew Weiner…season 5 has been pushed back to air “sometime” in early 2012. Way.y.y.y. before all this legal jostling began, Mad Men costume designer Janie Bryant partnered with the peeps at Banana Republic, to create a second collection of “Mad Men Inspired” clothing. to coincide with the original season 5 premiere in August. Hence it is almost August…and YES we have a collection of very fabulous Mad Men inspired clothing (approximately 65 pieces)”ready to sell” but without the Season 5 premiere.  So…o.o. if you need a little Mad Men Fix to tide you over until (whenever they decide to finally air MM Season 5)  …check out the collection in early August at all Banana Republic stores and online. 





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