Vera Wang puts an end to the UBD!

Leave it to Vera Wang –(the high priestess of designer wedding gowns )to put an end to the UGLY BRIDESMAID DRESS or as I refer to it as the UBD… 

We all know that one of the biggest fashion myths going is the one about the bridesmaid dress that is so pricey you cringe when putting your credit card down but EVERYONE always says “Just cut it off to the knee after the wedding and you’ll be able to wear it again! NOT!!!!!!   

Enter wedding designer genius Vera Wang to design a line for David’s Bridal. Appropriately named the White Collection by Vera Wang, it’s filled with some of the most beautiful bridal attire and accessories that will make you gush…We are talking spectacular wedding gowns, beautiful bridesmaid dresses that you can wear again and again plus a line of gorgeous accessories including bejeweled headwear, sash belts with sparkle and shoes.  

Even if you’re not in the market for a bridesmaid dress or some accessories with sparkle you owe it to yourself to check out the offerings at: 

Thank you Vera for putting an end to the UBD!

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