Emmy Gowns..I have notes…..

Christina Hendricks of Mad Men fame. You have so much va-va-voom going on you needn’t worry about anyone ever NOT noticing your extremely ample size bosom. We’re you thinking that they might call on you to recite the pledge of alligience and you would forget where to place your hand over your heart??? If you could just bring up the neckline an inch or two most of us would really thank you!
Gwyneth Paltrow-I adore you-I really… really…do! BUT this Pucci outfit is just a bit too see through   for you and any other woman over the age of 30. You have such a great figure-why not opt for something that’s still formfitting but perhaps leaves a “little” something to the imagination.
Katie Holmes aka Ms. Tom Cruise..Katie,did you forget that you were going to the Emmy Awards later on in the day??? Your Calvin Klein Dress just looks so hum drum. The line of the dress at the shoulder detail and neckline could be a bit more flattering and you might want to consider  help with hair and make-up!Just a thought… You’re such a pretty woman-why are you playing it down so much?

Elizaeth Moss-great actress, Wonderful figure..She’s a YOUNG woman and her hair and gown choices could be so much more…(how shall I say this i n the nicest way) Fun/Youthful/Hip!

Julie Bowen from Modern Family..I really like you-I DO!!!! But when your best asset is NOT your cleavage..why show any boob-age at all. Think like Kelly Rippa would and just keep the girls COMPLETELY under cover.

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