Clutch Much!

Sequin Box Clutch $48.00

My mailbox… not to mention my email has been deluged with Christmas sale announcements for over a month already. (I check my calendar and note that Thanksgiving is still 10 days off but with the  economy sputtering who can blame retailers for putting a little Rush on the season at hand..

I have finally decided to join in on the seasonal sale suggesitons and thought best to start a little Holiday Help(HH) series for all my wonderful readers.

The first installment in the HH series features two beautiful clutchs with a bit of bling   Both are from and priced UNDER $50.00. ( are reading that right.) So click away and order one  or two today.  Stay tuned for more Glamour Girl finds as the days progress.   


Sparkle Clutch  $44.00

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