Style Maker…Dita Von Teese

A little lesson in style is always a “good thing” especially when it’s meant to bring out the best in who you are and increase your own sense of self.

I share with you a bit of inspiration… courtesy of the ever stylish Dita Von Teese. Look closely at the verbiage scrolled at the bottom of her inspiration board: it reads… Dare to be different. From the looks of things Ms. Von Teese, has clearly embraced this Mantra and so can you. Look to fashion that makes you feel fabulous, fits -like it was tailored for your body and brings out your unique sense of style. Keep trying different looks, don’t aim to look like someone else and embrace the body you have right now. It’s only then that you will buy clothing for the image you want to project today!


Dita at home-“A simple girl with simple tastes”…Maybe Not!

Dita’s Inspiration Board


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