Your OWN…Fashion Week

There’s just something about the early morning hours when you look into the confines of your closet (filled with one fabulous item after another) and  all you can think is “I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR!!!  “Truth be told ..there are numerous selections that would look great  on you BUT somehow it just isn’t formulating fast enough. You find yourself trying on one outfit after another..tossing the remains aside and leaving the house feeling frazzled and not quite as “cute” as you’d like. (Does any of this sound remotely familiar??) Thought so.  

Here’s a tip. an easy one at that ….Why not figure out your outfits for the week ahead on Sunday night or really anytime you have open for about 30 minutes on the weekend. Put them together as a Stylist would… with outfits hung together by day. Think of it like your own mini version of FASHION WEEK. I know this advice so so.o.o.o simple and elementary BUT will you do it? Try it and find out. Not only will you get dressed in the time it takes to brew your morning Cup of Joe…but it will be so easy and stress free you’ll almost feel as if you’re in a meditative state as you roll out the door for the day ahead. 


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